Princess and Ela's story, sad one worth sharing
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    Recently this teeny little boxer appeared at out shelter. The poor thing was skin and bones and had no teeth. She was one we took away from her owner for cruelty and neglect. Her owner kept her as a family pet for three years, and then locked her in a basement for SEVEN more years. This little girl lived among her own waste on a concrete floor for years. She had infected sores on her body and her nipples we hanging off her like grapes. When I first saw her, I asked the ACO why they hadn't just put this poor little girl down and out of her misery. I just couldn't imagine her having anything left in her. I assumed her spirit had to be crushed. On the fifth day that we had her I walked up to her cage and said hello. Her teeny little nub of a tail wiggled. i told the ACO's I was taking her out. They tried to stop me concerned I would be bitten (hahah, I know). I took her out any way. She was terrified and a little tricky to leash but I certainly have had harder. I got her outside and just let her wander a bit. I sat on the ground and just let her do her thing. A few minutes later, she walked up to me, curled up in my lap and started to kiss my face. THAT WAS IT. I told the ACO's she is absolutely under no circumstances not to be put down. If I had to I would have taken her home and made it work. She was going to get a chance dammit. (*Romi can you imagine, me with a boxer!). We got her into a boxer rescue. I had named her Ela (short for Nelson Mandela). The rescue named her Honey. Either way she finally has a chance
    Heartbreak Boxer
    Princess was found in a crate much too small for her. She couldn't actually stand, she was placed in direct sunlight on the hottest days of summer with no food or water. Neighbors who felt sorry for her fed her left over Burger King and eventually called Animal Control. She was also left in her own filth. About 2 inches deep. Even after all that, all she wants is to sit in your lap and kiss you. She and Jason had quite a love affair. I casually mentioned her to a young man at Whole Foods. He told his girlfriend about her and they came and fell in love with her. They are picking her up from the vet on Friday. They are so excited and will be wonderful parents for her.
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    their backgrounds are just horrid...I just can't understand the mentality of some humans..
    but I'm so glad they are getting their 2nd chance! hooray!
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    Yay!!!! I love it when you have such great success stories! :-)
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    That is sooo great! That poor boxer. Ela is such a sweet looking girl! Im so happy you found a rescue to take her in and gave her a 2nd chance at life. LOL Jess, I could so see you with a boxer in the future! Im sure piglet would love a boxer to cuddle with all the time!

    Im so happy you found Princess a home too! she looks very happy go lucky! I can't even begin to imagine what she looked like in that cramped cage. Thank god you guys saved her!

    You are doing such a great job!
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    Hee hee, tell that to Piglet, and my stitches.
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    I don't understand how people can be so cruel? I'm glad these pups have been given a second chance, you're doing a wonderful thing being a part of this.
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    Dogs never cease to amaze me. If humans could have only a tenth of the forgiveness that dogs have, this would would be a much much better place. Isn't it amazing that every time you go to volunteer you can find a dog you want to take home? There are just so many good dogs out there.

    Thank you for helping these two.

    Please keep us updated on their progress.
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    I am so glad that both of these girls are getting a chance for a better life. On behalf of all the pups out there, thanks for all that you do!
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