TX Shiba Needs a Home
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    Petfinder Page: http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=11752180

    Description of Emi:
    Emi (Emily) currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. she is a pure breed Shiba Inu. She is very beautiful and 5 years old. No health problems whatsoever. She came from a well-respected breeder in Denver, "Blackcrest Shiba". She has complete AKC registration papers. She is also up to date on all shots and she is spayed. Her complete medical record will be provided. The owner's other dog, a Golden Retriever named Sophie, has been diagnosed with bone cancer and Emi has become very aggressive towards the gentle Golden. The current owners want Sophie's last months to be stress-free, and hope to adopt another Golden Retriever, but that situation will not be acceptable to Emi. Emi is genuinely a good dog who loves people, but she doesn't like other pets at all and isn't patient with energetic children. She 'likes' children but she doesn't like physical attention at the high energy level of kids. As sweet as she can be, she sometimes gets angry and has even bit when her owner tries to pick her up or cuddle with her "unless it is on her terms". She loves bathing but often doesn't allow anything more, such as brushing, clipping her nails, cleaning her ears, and other similar efforts. She just needs a home where she is queen. Often, throughout the day, she will decide to sit on her owner's lap and nuzzle with them, but again, it has to be on her terms. The ideal home for her is with a childless couple or single parent. She will thrive on the full attention. She is a perfect house dog for busy owners. She doesn't want to "go to the bathroom" for long periods of time. Her current owner is retired U.S. Navy Commander and now works from home. While always ready to open the door for her, she doesn't need to go to the bathroom for over 12 hours at time... except to chase a squirrel. Also, she is extremely clean. She goes to the bathroom as far from the door as possible. The owners had another Shiba named Lucy until she passed away in 1999, and her habits were identical. It must be a trait of the breed. The owners are very hopeful that someone without other pets would let her into their lives. The current owners are very willing to let someone take her for a few days and if it doesn't work out, she will be welcomed back home." For more information contact Butch by phone or email: butch@butchpenton.com 210-403-9038
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    Blah. Emi's owners have not handled this well. Of course Emi doesn't realize that the "gentle Golden" is on her death bed. She is just being opportunistic. Meanwhile, her owners have not done her any favors. She is a complete brat. She "often doesn't allow anything more, such as brushing, clipping her nails, cleaning her ears, and other similar efforts. She just needs a home where she is queen." Well...Nooooo. She needs a home that demotes her a bit. A home that feeds her less (she's too chubby)! A home that is consistent and ensures her that despite her tantrums, no ill will become of her if her nails are trimmed. Ridiculous. All this does NOT bode well for rehoming efforts. Sadly her options sound limited.
    On the flip side, the owners have come to a reasonable conclusion: They should stick with Golden Retrievers.

    Do all you can to ensure that Emi's fate does not befall your Shibas. Socialize them, train them, reward them, and stay one step ahead of their busy brains. Remember dogs don't have private parts! Handling and restraint must be TAUGHT...just like sit, down, and stay!

    Ok I think I am done ranting now. :)
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    Point well taken!
    I've actually spoken with a foster coordinator for the Texas Shiba Rescue, San Antonion branch where this dog is located nearby. She sounds like a diva, and was allowed to be one. When they did the evaluation, they weren't sure how to 'correctly' word for description purposes what this shiba has been allowed to become. She will be difficult to place, because she will require a very shiba savvy childless handler as well as appropriate pack mates or none at all.
    Unfortunately, She is now a 5 year old dog retaining her toddler ways, unless someone incredible comes along to reform her. I think you are correct in saying her first family should stick to goldens!

    LJ - you can use this example of what happens to shibas when their owners took on the wrong breed for their needs and capabilities!
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    Excellent reference point!
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    And there's a legitimate reason as to why we stick to the breeds we know. Ownings Goldens is a no-brainer, owning a Shiba means you have to outsmart your dog, and be ahead one step, every time. No matter how cute they are, they won't be the 'dog for you' if you don't do the research and understand EXACTLY how they are, and how they can possibly react to things. Shibas are in rescues because they look past the temperments, socialization requirements, and the needs of the dog, and turn it into an accessory. Because they're cute. They're attractive, but they've got one of the most unique minds in the dog world, and not just anyone is capable of owning one.
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    I completely agree with what everyone else said.

    Also, this breeder can't be that great if he didn't make it obvious to the owner just exactly what having a Shiba entails. [ as she really just sounds like a normal Shiba ]

    I do hope she finds a suitable home though. :)~
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