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    Great news! Shiba/Akita Rescue has an opportunity to earn money! The Foundation is donating up to $1 Million dollars to shelters and rescue groups as part of their "Power to the Paws", a disaster preparedness pledge". You can help a shelter/rescue win a $5,000 grant from the foundation just by voting for your group during their promotion.

    Here's how to get started:

    Go to

    On the "Power to the Paws" page, scroll down to "Get Involved – Help Your Favorite Shelter"

    Click on the "Vote Here" link.

    To find your group in the State, City, Shelter name boxes

    The promotion winners are announced October 1st.

    ***With Ike getting ready to strike, my thoughts and prayers are with all of our Gulf Coast foster homes and friends. With hurricane season in full force Disaster Preparedness is serious business. Our friends at PetFinder are making every effort to make sure that pet owners and communities are prepared! We can help by encouraging our friends and neighbors to visit to download a Disaster Preparedness Pledge to their animals – vowing to be prepared just in case. Each household that is ready to evacuate with their pet is one less pet we will need to worry about.***
    shibas, beagles & more!
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