Shiba in Corpus Christi, TX needs new home
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    Subject: [national-sr] Texas - Desperate to help Shiba Inu find rescue

    > Hello, I am in Corpus Christi, Texas. Murphy was a rescue that I took
    > in as
    > a foster about 2 1/2 years ago. He was hit by a car and not expected
    > to live.
    > When I got him he was pretty much feral, had never been loved on, and
    > had
    > been stray. He pulled thru his misfortune and soon became a member of
    > my
    > family. He is special needs in that he is so afraid of humans. He
    > learns to trust
    > fast now, where as it used to take days or even weeks before he would
    > warm up
    > to anyone but me.
    > I love Murphy, he is very bonded to my dog Kali. Problem is, we are
    > basically homeless right now. We are staying at my friend's house in
    > Corpus, and
    > Murphy keeps attacking her dogs. He got the chihuahua/terrier mix
    > last week and
    > nearly killed it before i could get him off of her. I don't know if
    > this is
    > because my dog's are upset from losing their home, or if it is because
    > the chi
    > mix is elderly and has a seizure disorder and he sensed it.
    > I have to keep him separated from her 5 dogs now, and I am afraid they
    > are
    > going to ask him to leave. Murphy normally is a very sweet boy,
    > however, he
    > will never back down from a fight if challenged.
    > Do you think you could help Murphy? I am at ( Thank
    > you, Beverly
    shibas, beagles & more!