Maybelline For Adoption In Northern Cal
  • I had a friend who does sheltern work in Souther California email me about a Shiba Inu Mix who is in there shelter. Her name is Maybelline and this is her info.

    Maybelline is a 3-4 year old female Shiba Inu mix. She is worried, anxious and owner searching, but by the end of our test she was enjoying a back scratch. She ignores other dogs and cats. Maybelline is recommended for families with lots of experience and children 13 years and older.

    I called the shelter however they are not open on Tuesdays.

    Does anyone do shiba rescue in california?
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    Um...Sabrina? The shelter address says it's north of San Fransisco...that's not exactly SoCal, more like NoCal lol.
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  • Oops My friend live in San Diego so I assumed the dog lived around her. Plus, I live in Oregon its all south from here!

    I was informed that this is a kill shelter, however Maybelline hasn't been there very long. However the shelter wasnn't open today so I couldn't verify the info.

    Id take her but I cant get a second dog until March :-(
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  • Aw Man that is right by my Grandma...too bad she is too old to care for a dog! It's about an hour and a half north of San Francisco.
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