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    white with blue eyes shiba (queens)

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    Date: 2009-04-22, 1:41PM EDT

    i adopt a white sheba . he is a beautyfull dog very hiper ,likes a lot too play , very sweet but i have a problem with em the space he needs like a house with a yard , that he goes inside and out , i have a apartment is big but not enough big .
    i will want 2 find some one with a good heart i dont want too se em again in a shelter .
    please ask me for pictures

    have a blessing day

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    It's nice to see that this person knows two diffrent ways to spell the word "to". I never new I'd be spelly beautyfull wrong all these years. This has 2 be some kind of joke.
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    A blue-eyed shiba? Not sure I've ever seen or heard of this occur before.

    Jesse Pelayo

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  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    Regardless of spelling errors here, are you going to pass this info along to any rescue groups like NYCSR?
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  • StrangerStranger
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    I sent an email to the address on the NYCshiba rescue via their contact form a day or so ago--didn't hear back. It's possible their form is malfunctioning or that they don't check it regularly (or that they are on top of it and just didn't get back to me.) I know they are currently looking for more foster families, so it is possible they don't have the capacity for another dog at the moment.

    Re: the blue eyes, it might be a mix, or even something else entirely that just kind of resembles a Shiba. There are scads of smallish curly tailed mixes on petfinder whose Shiba designation is no more than a guess.

    [edit]I sent another message through a different address. Hopefully I am not just spamming them about something they are already aware of :D [/edit]
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  • I sent a message to NYCSR as soon as I read the post. I also emailed this person and told them about NYCSR.
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    Here's another one I'd figure I'd spam up, just posted today.


    Shiba Inu for adoption Tan and white two years old, Male, Neutered, Micro chipped, I will only give to a good home Dog is a runner Is a friendly dog and gets along with children He loves to be walked on a leash , no experience with cats so I dont know. Likes to play and enjoys one on one time. Likes car rides his name is BUSTER He is trained and never messes in the house. It is a pure breed I have his papers. And could get you his medical records I love the dog but he just doesnt get along with my two german shepards and its not fair to him

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