3 Kai Looking For New Homes
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    I saw this on another forum and thought I would pass on the word.

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    Just an update on the Kai that need to relocate. Kuma: the long coated Kai is still desperately in need of a new home. Located in Florida. I believe he has become out of control with their son. Possibly from jealousy, or knowing he can push the envelope on this issue, but the owners would be better able to explain the problem. Other then this issue with the young son, he is a wonderful pet and companion. Email me privately for contact information.

    Cash: a 4 year old red Kai that needs to go into a home with no dogs or a female that is alpha might work. Non aggressive otherwise. He ruled the roost with 2 spaded females with a iron paw and yet sometimes playful paw and the females became very afraid of him and he therefore took advantage of this power and became a problem for the owners. The owners were in the process of adopting a baby and knew that the agency would frown on this type of behavior with a child in the home, so he was sadly returned to me. His former owner Mike comes to visit and takes him for play days once a week. So far Cash has had no problems here interacting with other female Kai, but he knows I am alpha and I think he respects this.

    Hershey: Hershey is a 4 year old beautiful black brindle that lost his home because the owner decided she no onger wanted the responsibility of a dog. I think she just got tired of having a dog around and obviously forgot the "this is a 15+ year commitment". I sure hope she doesn't get tired of dealing with her daughter!!! Anyway, he is a little vocal and I think he is cat aggressive. He would love to get one and when and if he did, I think he would kill it or maul it severly. So no cats for him. he goes out in a 6' tall kennel during the day and has never attempted to climb out. He is house trained and has had some obedience training though he pulls on lead when he wants to go somewhere. I will start working on that issue.

    You can email me at marian@classykennel . com (no space before com.

    Tahnks to anyone that reads this and is interested.

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    The first and second ones have really bizarre explanations as to why they're being rehomed. Out of control with their son? What does that mean exactly? And then I don't really get what's going on with the second one and the other two dogs... doesn't make any sense...
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    I'm glad you said that, Heidi! I was thinking it!!
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    I thought the exact same thing. It does sound like the whole story is not there. This could be because Marian is trying to be short and concise or that she doesn't know the exact story. I do believe that these Kai were bread by Marian, and that is why they have been returned to her.

    Here was my mental translation of the three:
    Kuma- Never trained or socialized. Needs an older or one person family. Kuma may be a dog I heard about last year. If so, he is EXTREMELY aggressive. I thought the family was going to put him down.

    Cash- Agressive male, family is giving him up rather than working with him because somewhere somehow someone wrote a rule that it's ok for people who move or have babies to just give up their animals.

    Hershey- Well Hershey's owner just sucks in my book.
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