Hey guys, need some advice =(
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    This happened while I was sleeping (around 8am) but one of my roommates left the door open for a few seconds and my roommates husky ran out the door. He has been missing for 2 days now.. The roommate thats the owner unfortunately does not have him chipped and at the time he did not have his dog tag on either. So this is a very terrifying situation for him. I was hoping for some advise on how to find the dog and get him home safely. So far weve just been checking and calling shelthers and pounds and no luck. My roommate is in the process of making fliers and putting them up but I dont know when he'll be done.

    Kelly has been sad too, she has been staring out the window hoping to see him in the backyard and shes been wanting to go outside more often and she appears to be searching for him. I'll keep you guys posted on if we find him.

    ps. worse case scenario, is there a way to find reports on roadkill?
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    I have no idea about reports on...roadkill. :( Im so sorry, I would lose it if that happened to me. I would start asking neighbors and then ask their neighbors if they found or have seen the dog. I would also take fliers to pet stores, if someone picked him up they are an animal person and would most likely end up at a pet store at some point.
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    Your local shelter or animal control should have a list, mine does though for obvious reasons no pictures, just descriptions. No advice but hang in there. It's scary to lose an animal, I'm sorry you guys are going through this.
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    Oh poor baby...I hope he is doing well; maybe he's just taking a detour before going back home. The flyers should help create awareness. You can even try talking to local police officers (either on duty or at the police station) to see if they've received any calls on a loose husky (not everyone calls animal control...not everyone has that number).

    Also, since Kelly and him are good friends, you could always take long walks around the neighborhood and near-by neighborhoods. If he's anywhere near the area and roaming about maybe he'll come bounding up to Kelly. Also, you can even "spot-check" backyards if perhaps someone picked him off the street and is taking care of him.

    I hope he comes home soon! I can't wait to read this thread with an edited "FOUND" in the subject line.
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    A siberian husky running away is going to be hard to find. They run, run, run and run, and then get confused because somehow they don't notice you didn't keep up with them. They may be great are running, but as for taking a step back and finding their way home.. not an easy task for them. When Koda comes and dashes out the door when we open it once in a blue moon, I am chasing him for an hour or more. The only reason I ever get him is because a stranger will call attention to him and hold onto him until I catch up(he will gladly go to a stranger for some loving!). All you can do is put up flyers, call all local shelters, hospital, vets and let them know he's missing, and hope someone honest found him. They are very social so I am sure someone tried to get their attention and got ahold of 'em. Your friend and his dog are in my prayers-- I don't know what I would do if Koda ran so far I couldn't find him.
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    I am so sorry you are going through this. What a sinking feeling...2 days. I would contact the police non-emergency dispatch line and see if there are any reports with dogs matching his description. Make numerous flyers and post them in veterinary hospitals, grooming places, and dog supply stores, post office, grocery stores etc. Put some in random mailboxes. Extend your search to at least 5-10 miles radius from the house. Huskies can travel far in two days on their own. Make a Craigslist posting for him along with some recent photographs. Many of the area shelters have online forms you can fill out about missing dogs. However, NEVER rely on shelter staff to follow-up adequately. You need to go to the shelter in person and ensure that he is not there.

    It's OK to mention a reward, but don't put the amount in the flyer.

    Use http://www.findtoto.com/ to contact a huge number of people in your vicinity.

    See if there is a service like this one in your area: http://www.dogsfindingdogs.com/

    Good luck and please keep us updated.
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    Yes your local city hall should have the number for the road crew in your area.

    Don't give up though many dogs travel far and wide, expect at least a 3 mile journey in any direction if not further. Post at the library too and near school bus stops and pick zones where parents meet their kids. Pet supply shops and bakeries if you have one of those in your downtown area. Even restaurants with outdoor seating. Entrances to park at Kiosks are another spot too.

    Make a list and maybe your friends can help break up the tasks or you can contact a lost dog service that can help you since you can't be two places at once. You will need to check the shelter at least every other day. You can not always count on them to get back to you if they are a really busy place. You might check with animal control for your area they are sometimes a separate facility than the actual animal shelter.
    Also notify Husky rescues too in case they are notified before you are.

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    I would put an ad on craigslist (it's how I found Cody when he got out during a storm). A person who works for an area vet wrote me to say the dog I posted looked an awful lot like a dog that had been brought to her clinic and ultimately turned over to PAWS. I also would suggest you visit the shelter every day....despite the fact I had been to PAWS and filled out a report, they never called when Cody was brought in by the vet. Somehow, someone along the line got a bit confused since listed Cody as a female...had I not shown up in person, they never would have called since they only checked the "female" book for a match. (In all, it took nearly 8 days to get him back home).

    I really hope you guys can find him...I know how terrifying and heart-wrenching it can be.
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  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    Post on craigslist, too. If someone sees something, they can contact you via email or phone
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    I've never experienced this and hope I never will so I can't even begin to imagine what must be going through your friend's mind. All I know is just thinking about Tank running away and the thought of losing him is too terrible.

    Everyone gave good suggestions. I hope the husky find its way back home or it will be found soon!
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    Does your roommate have pet insurance? I know that my insurance company (securican) provides a certain amount of money and resources towards finding Mylo if he ever gets away. Check if they have insurance and if the company has any way of helping you guys out. Other than that, I'd say pet supply stores are the best idea. If he didn't have tags, and someone picked him up with the intention of keeping him, that's where they'd have to go. Bring photos and talk to management and staff especially and have them keep an eye out. Lots of pet stores around here welcome pets to come shopping with their owners, so staff would be the best bet. Talk to them yourself though; don't rely on one person to pass the message on to the rest of the staff. Make sure to bring business cards with contact info if you can.

    My heart goes out to you guys. Keep at it, I'm sure your efforts will pay off.
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    I hope he's found <3 ~<div class="UserSignature">- Osy ~
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