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    Dear Volunteers and Supporters,

    Due to economic hardship, NYC Shiba Rescue will be temporarily halting all intake of new dogs. During this time NYCSR will continue to function to the best of our abilities to meet our goal of rescuing and providing Shibas and Shiba mixes with the best quality of life possible.

    During the past year, NYCSR has lost about half of our active volunteers. In addition, the volunteers that we do have left are working harder than ever at their "real" jobs while also attempting to carry the extra workload to make up for lost volunteers at the rescue. Due to this lack of manpower, those tasks not directly related to animal care, such as record keeping, book keeping, following up with past adopters, etc., have fallen to the side out of necessity. NYCSR has also seen a sharp decrease in contributions and - combined with the recent financial stress of caring for a few specific special needs dogs - this has put us in a precarious financial position. After much soul seeking and careful deliberation, the Board of Directors has decided to halt new intake for the foreseeable future.

    Please be assured that we hope and expect this to be just a temporary situation, directly related to the staggering growth and need that we have seen for our organization as a result of the increasing popularity of the Shiba Inu breed. We will maintain our outreach within the rescue community, including providing adoption opportunities directly through our courtesy listing service on the NYCSR website. In addition we will remain active within the general canine community, appearing at local festivals, events, etc. to promote the Shiba breed, the need for pure breed rescue, and responsible dog ownership. We will also remain active within the Shiba community, working with local rescues to help home their Shibas directly and also participating within the Shiba meetup groups that have been such a great help and resource for the rescue.

    The NYCSR Board Members and active volunteers will work diligently to get the rescue back to regular operation as quickly as possible. However to make that happen we could use your support:

    The following goals must be met before NYCSR can resume normal operations:

    - All adoptable dogs currently in foster care will be adopted out to permanent homes.

    - All of our record keeping and bookkeeping will be caught up to date and our public financial records updated.

    - We will conduct a fund raising campaign, pay off current bills and bank money to cover several months of regular expenses.

    - We will reorganize our operations in a way that puts less of a personal and financial burden on key people while efficiently involving more volunteers.


    - Refer potential adopters to our website to see the available Shibas.

    - Make a tax-deductible donation to help us get our bills paid off.

    - Complete a volunteer application and include a list of your skills so we can put you to work.

    The NYCSR Board would like to extend a very deserved thank you to everyone, especially our fabulous volunteers and supporters. With your help we have saved 68 Shibas and Shiba-mixed dogs in the last 2 1/2 years, and hope to be around to save a whole lot more. I can promise you that after this brief interruption and reorganization we will be back to saving them, finding them homes, and educating the public about this incredible breed.

    Best to all of you,


    zennia m barahona I president
    nyc shiba rescue
    shibas, beagles & more!
  • printing out the aps today, filling ours out, and making copies to bring to meetups.
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  • McYogiMcYogi
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    I'll have a hard time donating time or resources but I'd love to send a check. Thanks for the info about a great organization!
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  • I have my application ready. I'm just waiting to hear back from one of my references because I don't want to give out phone numbers w/o getting permission. shimaurashibalover92 - looking forward to working with you and all the other volunteers!Lucy Rose, Diamond & Saffron
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