Good News about Northern CA Shiba Mix-Update (Cross Posted)
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    Well, I consider this good news.

    From Red Young, with the Northern California Shiba Rescue: The little Shiba/Chow mix at Chico will not need a foster home through "rescue". She has passed an evaluation period and is considered adoptable through the shelter! Shelter staff worked with her and she gradually calmed down and warmed up to them. She will probably be placed as an "only dog in family".


    Female Shiba Mix: Foster/Permanent Home Needed

    There is a rather scared Shiba/Chow (?) mix at the Butte County Shelter in Chico, CA, who needs a foster home immediately. According to shelter staff, she does well with other dogs and gradually warms up to people as she begins to trust them.

    She is approximately 34 lbs. She may be part Chow because of the black spots on her tongue. (See picture)

    Red Young, with the Northern California Shiba Rescue, will try to have her “pulled” from the shelter, but he must have a “foster” home for her.

    If you can provide a foster home this girl, please contact Red Young ASAP at:
    Phone 408-347-0470

    She needs to be pulled from the shelter in the next few days.