Shiba needs a new home

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    I think you've found your dog! =p
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    I think he should tell his breeder what he's doing
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    I think I know that poster as a member of my local meetup group, they posted having to rehome Angel on our discussion board too.... :-/. Luckily we have interested members in taking her off of his hands.

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    I would think...should the poster not tell the breeder himself (if he hasn't already?). Her new home should get the breeder contact information to call and let the breeder know about transfer of ownership & new owners should then give the breeder their information. I think that's the next best thing should current owner not give breeder "first right of refusal".

    I do hope she will find a happy, loving and understanding home. At least she is still young and can readjust to her newer home more quickly =).
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