AKITA in shelter in TX

  • Saw this on another forum I am a memeber of and thought maybe someone here could point this person in the right direction.

    "We are pulling a [dog] from Lufkin AC and while talking to the Shelter Director she asked me if I knew of an Akita Rescue - she has emailed the AKC contact and some others she found but has gotten no response. She has a PB Akita who she is trying to find the owner - found as stray walking down a county road, and time is begining to run out. She is really ethical rescue friendly.

    "If anyone has contact with an Akita Rescue/breeder who might know someone who can help could you have them contact Rhonda at Lufkin AC 936-633-0218

  • Did a search for Akita rescues in Texas. Came up with this:

  • Thanks,
    I emailed the person on that website so hopefully someone will contact her.
  • Sukoshi's mom-
    From the looks of this response the dog has been at least put in a foster home.

    "Someone called me about this dog yesterday and said she had someone in Mo. who would take the dog for fostering. I can't take any dogs right now. Just too much on my plate and that was the 5th call yesterday."

    Sherry E Wallis
    Houston, Tx
  • What type of Akita are we talking about AA or JA.
  • I dont know myself but if you call the person in the first post she may know and probably will know where the dog is now too. I was just posting if anyone here was in tx or could help.

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