Nippo Tokyo Regional (2010)
  • TheWalrusTheWalrus
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    Today was the the Nippo Tokyo branch's fall Tenrankai. I try to attend all the regionals in the Kanto area, and Tokyo is only an hour and a half away. We had some pretty crazy rain going on last night, and in the early morning, but by the time things got underway the weather was more cooperative.

    Here's a few pictures.

    Random Kai female.


    My friend's red Shikoku male. Took first in his class like he does 90% of the time.


    A Kishu male with a slightly different face from your mainstream 'type'.


    Kuro-goma male getting some love from his owner.


    This is Gin, a Nippo registered Kai male owned by a woman I know. He's a very big boy, and there's a possibility he'll be over size in the near future. He's got nice brindle, and a strong tail, but some characteristics that are not to my liking.


    Another Kai male owned by a friend.


    2 year old Shikoku male owned by a friend. His owner is not a hunter, but tags along with us to the training facility to work this boy on boar. He does pretty well.


    Random Kishu male. I kind of liked this boy. Again not your typical Kishu head. He came in third, losing out to a Shikoku in second, and a more typical Kishu in first.

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  • kwyldkwyld
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    The red sesame Shikoku in the 2nd pic has very nice even coloring, I really like him.
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  • dlrobertsdlroberts
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    That red Shikoku is incredible. I actually have the thread where you first posted his pictures/videos bookmarked and I go back to look at it periodically. Amazing dog.

    I also really like the last Kai. His brindle isn't quite as impressive as Gin's, but his head suits my eye better. He's also got a nicely shaped deep chest and his rear end is very in proportion. I'm guessing he didn't place quite as well though?
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  • Great pics!
    Lovely dogs :)
    ... all the way from hillbilly Denmark ;)
  • shishiinushishiinu
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    Those are all good looking dogs. I really like the last Kishu.
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  • aykayk
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    How are the Kishus' heads different? More blocky in these photos?
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Thanks for sharing Shigeru!!! Awesome photos, all the dogs look stunning :)

    Those non typical kishu remind me of Akita [ their faces ] ~
  • TheWalrusTheWalrus
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    @ayk I was looking for some pictures to show you the difference, and I realized I don't take many pictures of Kishu! I'll try to snap a few. Simply put though, in Kishu you see a lot of larger heads with bulbous foreheads, and very blocky short muzzles. These 2 are slightly less exaggerated in these areas.

    @dlroberts Yes that second Kai is actually put together a lot better than Gin IMO. His flaws are that he's got too much spotting on his tongue, he possibly doesn't have enough brindle to show well in NIPPO (judges don't like the overly black dogs there), and there is something about his ears... This is actually a KKA (Aigokai) dog that is dual registered. I know his owner rather well, and while it is against KKA rules to dual register, in most cases they have no way of knowing. This line of dogs owned by this gentleman include a male who took overall champ in the KKA a few years ago. I wish the color in this male's brindle was richer.
  • aykayk
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    Found some Kishu pictures at the NIPPO website to compare.

    I see what you mean. This particular dog's head kind of reminds me of American Akitas.

  • Thank you for sharing pics. I love the red Shikoku ken, beautyful! :)

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