Another Possible Kai in Taiwan ?
  • tjbart17tjbart17
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    I received this from Red. What are your thoughts about this one? I will say that 27 pds. sounds too small, but Mei Mei came to me at 29 pds. and is now a healthy 40 pds. These dogs are really thin with no healthy muscle.

    Pam, Royal Kennels, said she thought that this may be a Kai.

    Hi Tara,

    Kiwi was tied up by a tree when a wildfire flushed through and burned her.
    My friends in TUAPA rushed down and took her and got her treated for
    her burns.

    But they cannot keep her, there is no room for her. So once her burns healed
    up, they got her spayed and notched her right ear (so everyone knows she has
    been spayed). If a home can't be found for her, she will be released into the
    streets to fend for herself.

    I can't take her. I'm full. I talked to Dave C. from Colorado who is looking for
    a female Kai to adopt, but Kiwi is too small (~30 lbs.) and he needs at
    least 40 lbs. to keep the coyotes from trying to attack her. (he might be interested
    in Creamy, the Akita/Shiba Mix I was talking about last month ...)

    So we're working hard to find a place for Kiwi so she won't be let loose into
    the streets....(see her burn scars). To my untrained eye, Kiwi has got to be about
    as close to a Kai Ken as I've seen from Taiwan. But what do I know ? I'm a Shiba
    guy (tell me again how I ended up being Kai Rescue too, LOL ...)



  • shishiinushishiinu
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    Wow she looks like a Kai to me. Although Taiwan does have a dog similar to a NK and I have seen photos of the breed in brindle. She looks really similar to some of the photos of the Taiwanese dogs. That just sucks about the conditions over there.
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    Hmmm. Her face looks a little shepherd-y, though. Not sure... It is hard to tell since she is so thin.
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  • tjbart17tjbart17
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    Casey I thought Shephard face too.

    Gen, I also thought Formosan.

    I had a chance to meet a group of them this weekend at Pt. Isabelle. They had a Formosan Preservation Society meetup. There were about 10 there. If it is a Formosan, then this dog is a mix.

    Good news. Looks like she found a home in Toronto.
  • SangmortSangmort
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    That face reminds me of my boy :) She's quite a looker, I'm glad she found a home! ~
  • Glad to hear that she found a home. will cross post on other side since there was also a discussion there.

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