Couldn't believe this...
  • KevinKevin
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    I was looking on petfinder for a friend today who is looking for a golden retriever and decided to putz around and look for KBDs, thinking there was no way a real KBD would be in a shelter somewhere.
    Sometimes the knuckleheads working in shelters think that every black and white dog must be a KBD. Usually, it's a Border Collie mix. These three all look for real. One's in Ohio, one's in Georgia, and one's in Ontario. Anyone know somebody who might appreciate a KBD? I wish we weren't living in town and that we didn't have 3 pups already.
  • UGH! That is not nice! I hope they find good families that understand them... My old roommate has a KBD and she got it for free, because the dog had been in 7 homes already and had been misunderstood in all but the first one. She was a hugely confused dog, and it took my x-roomie over a year to get her back on track, but now she is a sweet and lovable KBD with all that this breed is! She is a real sweetheart :)
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I have seen a few KBD in rescues from time to time. Crazy.
  • KevinKevin
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    This is important. Ran into a very ugly situation this weekend with a dog hoarder. I may be fostering a KBD by this time next week. Male. Approximately 2. He will need lots of attention; he was virtually ignored in an outdoor pen and was confiscated by local Humane Society. I have no photos yet; he is not officially up for adoption yet.
    He will be a challenge. He would probably do well in a very active home, preferably hunted. If anyone would be interested, let me know. I REALLY don't want another dog, but I'll keep Buck as long as I have to.
  • LosechLosech
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    I would LOVE to have a KBD but I lack the space (as in a big yard) and hunting experience right now. I'm a pretty active person though. I really hope you find a good home for the poor guy.
  • They are gorgeous!

    I hope a great home will find them soon!
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  • KevinKevin
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    There's one in the shelter now and hopefully 2 more soon. I hope this (insert worst word you can think of here) spends some serious time in prison and isn't allowed to own anymore animals. What a bastard.
  • SayaSaya
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    So sad. =(
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  • What a horrible story.....I hope the person gets some jail time, too, though give the way laws are so lax against cruelty to animals they probably won't. It sounds like a hellish situation though....really awful.
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  • AsheakaAsheaka
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    It's horrible to see hoarding, especially since where I am people will see hoarding and not know to, or care enough to call someone. The awful part about those Karelian Bear Dogs is that in the U.S. you don't just end up with one, so there's hardly a chance one would be caught as a stray.

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