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    Hope it's OK to post this here.

    I saw this on dogster shiba forums and a shiba group I'm on face book so I thought I'd post this here.

    I plan to donate some money soon. Feel sorry for the poor shiba girl.


    Dear Shiba Lovers & Friends,

    I have been a transporter and foster care provider for Shiba Inu in need since the fall of 2010. My current foster Shiba girl, Jasmine, was rescued by NYC Shiba Rescue and came into my care on Valentine’s Day. I hope you will take a few moments to read her story.

    Jasmine (or Jazzy as I call her), is a tiny little girl at 14 pounds, is about 3-4 years old, and was brought to Philadelphia Animal Control in extreme pain and with abdominal swelling. She was diagnosed with Pyometra – a disease of the uterus of intact female dogs that if left untreated is fatal. Jasmine underwent emergency surgery and NYCSR pulled her immediately to prevent the chance of infection and to help her recover. When Jasmine arrived in my home, her ear tips were like black shoe leather from fly bites, her skin was covered with flea bite dermatitis, she had no undercoat, her outercoat was filthy and stiff as straw, and her tail was black and practically hairless. She displayed symptoms of a false pregnancy (lactating, depression, and hoarding of stuffed toys).

    While Jasmine made good progress in her spay recovery while on medication, over the course of a week or so, after the medication was discontinued, it became apparent that she was not behaving as a healthy 3 year old Shiba should. Her back end was weak and uncomfortable, her tail was carried down and between her legs, and she had difficulty lying down, or climbing even a single short stair. Another Vet appointment was arranged, x-rays and other diagnostic tests were completed, and – as if this little girl had not endured enough – Jasmine was diagnosed with one partially collapsed and one completely collapsed disk in her lower lumbar region. Her condition is most likely degenerative and can lead to paralysis and even death should the spinal cord become compromised from a single bad jump or a bad slip.

    Jasmine was immediately placed on a course of anti-inflammatory and pain medication, which has given her significant relief and mobility. She is not out of the woods just yet, though. Without surgery, Jasmine will need to lead a very sedentary life and be kept on medication indefinitely. Because of the specialized care needed to properly treat diseases of the spinal column, the cost of this surgery and rehabilitation is estimated at up to $6,000 – an overwhelming amount of money for NYCSR to handle without outside help. The good news is that the prognosis for recovery, particularly if the surgery is performed prior to paralysis, is excellent. Jasmine will have immediate relief from her pain, and while the road to total recovery will be many months long, she will ultimately be able to lead a normal, active life. She will be able to run, play, jump, and do all the things that a Shiba just wants to do -- including the Shiba 500!!

    While we all recognize the hard economic times we are facing and the countless other people and animals in immediate need (particularly those in Japan), NYCSR is looking to raise funds to help this sweet little girl get the surgery she desperately needs.

    Please consider either donating or sponsoring Jasmine to help NYCSR give Jasmine the happy, healthy, and active life she deserves. No amount is too small – even a dollar can make a difference. Donations for Jasmine are being accepted at the Firstgiving link on the home page at Should you wish not to make an on-line donation, please click on the Make A Donation link at the top of NYCSR’s web page which will provide you with other donation options.

    Please be sure to mark your donation as “Jasmine’s Surgery Fund” so NYCSR can allocate your donation properly.

    Thank you taking the time to read Jasmine’s story and for considering a donation to help this very special little Valentine.

    Jazzy’s Foster Mother,

    Please be sure to mark your donation as “Jasmine’s Surgery Fund” so NYCSR can allocate your donation properly.
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)