Has anyone ever rescued from Animal Rescue Kansai?
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    I've been looking into the possibility of rescuing a Kishu rather than getting a puppy but I wish I didn't look into it THIS soon. Turns out the Osaka location has a dog listed as a Kishu/Kishu Cross on their site (http://www.arkbark.net/?q=en/node/2726).

    It says they adopt out to people abroad, but the cheapest way to get a dog out of Japan is to visit (which I'd probably like to do anyway, to see/interact with the dog before committing...) and bring the dog back as "baggage" with the airline you're traveling on. Obviously I have no experience importing/flying dogs either, but I did look into the thread that was geared towards importing from Japan and it was pretty helpful.

    What I'm really wondering right NOW is if anyone had any experiences with this rescue. Even if I wait on a dog instead of acting on this one (since this is much earlier than what I had hoped for), I'd like to keep this rescue in mind and I'd like to hear what people think of it/adopting animals from Japan.
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    ARK in my personal experience is a pretty solid rescue. I've never worked with them to ship a pup overseas, but with a little prior prep, I'm sure it's doable. I wouldn't feel too rushed either, as they often have NK mixes or lookalikes available.
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    I seem to recall that the forum tried to rescue some Shikoku from there a couple years ago? There were some issues with them not being adoptable outside Osaka prefecture. The members here worked very hard to get the dogs to North America, but in the end were not allowed to adopt them.

    Here's the thread.


    This could be an Osaka-only problem, or it could have been remedied by now. I'm not sure.
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    IIRC the problem was those particular dogs.

    ARK's stated willingness to abdopt overseas is new I think.

    I think a Japanese mutt would be quite awesome to adopt.