I found this on craigslist
  • TaraATaraA
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    This dog is listed as a Japanese Akita. I'm not sure about that. It defintely looks like it could have some akita in it though. I hope she finds a home.

  • SayaSaya
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    cute dog looks happy.

    I hope she gets in a loving home soon.
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    Looks like a mix of American Akita and something else, I think. (Some people still call the American Akita "Japanese Akita").
    Lisa, Toby (Shiba), Oskar and Zora (American Akita), and Leo (Kai Ken)
  • Aw - she's cute. She might be a full American type akita - just not fabulously well bred. She has a great smile though! And she seems to get along with other dogs, except for the food aggression. Not bad for an akita bitch!
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    Looks like a nice dog. I hope she finds a loving home
  • shibamistressshibamistress
    Posts: 3663
    Could be a badly bred AA, but the dropped tail and GSD style ears make me think maybe not. I've seen some Akitas that I was sure were mixes that were just poorly bred, though, so it could be she's pure bred. Absolutely NOT a JA though!
    Lisa, Toby (Shiba), Oskar and Zora (American Akita), and Leo (Kai Ken)
  • kaikenonekaikenone
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    just went there and it said the posting was deleted by owner, maybe it found a home
    Marsha Short
    Mijikai Kennel
  • TaraATaraA
    Posts: 319
    That's great news :)

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