Possible Kai Ken in Phoenix AZ area
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    [I tried to find the original thread, but couldnt so starting fresh - sorry]

    The Akita Advocates just called me back about Dandi (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18782722).

    The Prescott shelter picked up two akita-like strays, but placed the male. Dandi was scheduled for euthanasia when the akita advocates took her. They arent at all sure she is a kai ken - she has the sheherd head that comes out in poorly bred akita, but some of the advocates thought it looked sorta kai ken.

    She is very people-friendly, non-quarrelsome with dogs, and 77lbs. She was placed in a good home who already rescued an akita from them, but did not enjoy her energy level. However, he has called back and said that she is settling in nicely and may keep her after all.

    I asked them to keep my number and let me know if things didnt work out with the current placement.
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    I would venture that at 77 lbs the dog is definately not a Kai.
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    77 lbs is awfully big and the brindle looks too blue to me. Probably not a kai. Very pretty dog, though. I hope she finds a good home.
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  • Doesn't really look kai to me either. Maybe an akita mix... She has akita features and that brindle is exactly like my former akita Eowyn...
    ... all the way from hillbilly Denmark ;)