Akita Looking for a New Home
  • Hello everyone,

    I am posting this for a friend who recently received an American Akita, but the other two dogs in his home are not taking well to him. He is looking for a person who would like to own and care for this dog. He is located in Stockton, CA.
    Here's some info about the Akita:
    Name: Copper
    Age: ~9 months
    Color: Black & White
    Not Neutered
    Training: Outside dog (don't know if he's house trained), knows sit, shake, and down.
    Very playful and loving dog. Likes children, other people, and other dogs.


    If you are interested or know anyone who would like an Akita, please contact Randy at (408) 547-7869 for more information.

  • tjbart17tjbart17
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    408 that's near me. Cute pup I hope he finds a good home.
  • jenzjenz
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    He's gorgeous!

  • Will pass this info on to the organizer of the Sacramento Akita Club/Meetup.
  • Thanks everyone, hopefully Copper will find a good home :). Thanks sukoshi's mom, I wouldn't have known how to get in contact with that group, maybe someone there will know a person who wants an Akita. ::fingers crossed::
  • Does the Akita have a responsible breeder who will take him back? Always worth checking...

    He's a lovely looking pup. I've been getting a bit of "big dog" fever lately, but now is not the time...
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  • Curlytails: I asked him about that too. My friend didn't get him from a breeder, I think that he got him off of Craigslist... =( so no breeder to take him back. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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