Kai at christmas show in Denmark (PICS)
  • Yesterday I was at a dogshow to meet up with Tina and Per, who owns the 4 kai currently reciding in Denmark. They brought their 2 males Cody (imported from Japan) 15 mos old and 5 mos old Koro, from their first litter from Mokii (a female imported from US). Only Cody was entered though, Koro was there for socialization.

    Cody got excellent, and cert, so when he turns 2 years old he will be Danish Champion :) He was in the BIS junior competition too, but didn't place.

    They both did very well considering there were a lot of people and dogs crammed into a relatively small space. It was a sports hall, though not a big one. Koro was a bit intimidated at first, but he got better and better as the day went by.

    Anyways I had a blast, ofcourse, as I got loads of kai cuddles :)

    Pics (you will notice that even though Koro is only 5 mos old, he is already bigger and more sturdy than 15 mos old Cody. He's gonna be a big boy!):


    Cody getting a treat

    Cody posing

    The beautiful behind ;P

    Evaluation by the judge

    Cody struttin' his stuff

    Hands on evaluation (checking teeth, testicles, fur etc.)

    Koro in front, Cody in back (finishing a yawn)

    Koro in front, Cody in back. "we see the treat and we are sitting nicely - now give it to us already!!"

    Cody giving the treat-holder a stare

    Cody chilling before the BIS junior competition

    Koro's puppy face

    Cody in front, Koro behind

    Cody the cutie!


    Koro face

    Cody in the BIS junior competition

    Judge is saying hi to Cody
    ... all the way from hillbilly Denmark ;)
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  • Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    They are very cute! I like Cody.
  • LosechLosech
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    Cute! They are pretty good looking.
  • MirkaMMirkaM
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    Great photos. Both of them have very nice brindle!
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  • ttddinhttddinh
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    Nice pics, thanks for sharing! They are cute!

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