6/29/12 Akita/GSD Female Mix at Sacramento CA SPCA _ ADOPTED!
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    This girl is now on the adoption floor. I have also let the NorCal Akita Club know about her.

    webpage link: http://www.sspca.org/index.php/adopt/meet-adoptable-pets/dogs/


    Animal ID 16357201
    Species Dog
    Breed Akita/Mix
    Age 11 months
    Sex Female
    Size Large
    Color Fawn/White
    Declawed No
    Site Sacramento SPCA - Adoptions
    Location Dog Runs
    Intake Date 6/3/2012
    Adoption Price $100.00

    Additional info: This girl is not cat friendly, so she should not be in a home with cats. (per some folks who visited her at the shelter. 7/1/12)

    Shiko is a gentle and very affectionate girl. She does really well on the leash and knows "sit" and "shake." She is also confident and outgoing and very friendly to people and dogs.

    Shiko is still a puppy and even though she is pretty calm and well mannered, she will need attention, socialization and guidance, like all puppies.

    Probably the best home for her is a somewhat active household; hopefully, where she can be taken to a positive training class to polish off her education. Another dog should be okay in her new home.

    If you think this adorable, sweet girl might be the forever friend that's been missing from your life, come to the Sacramento SPCA and meet her. She's ready to be your new loyal, loving companion. ~kac

    The Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    6201 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento
    916.383.7387 PHONE
    916.383.7062 FAX
    Tues - Sun 11:00am - 6:00pm

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  • sukoshi_momsukoshi_mom
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    Bump! With the upcoming 4th of July holiday, shelters are bracing for an influx of new dogs.
  • sukoshi_momsukoshi_mom
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    See "additional info " in entry.
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    Hope she finds a home and maybe a better name? Shiko? Really?
  • MapleTwinkieMapleTwinkie
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    Doesn't Shiko mean death child?
  • sukoshi_momsukoshi_mom
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    Checking to see if she's been adopted. May know tomorrow.
  • jeffnkazukojeffnkazuko
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    Depends on the kanji but it usually means pee.
  • LosechLosech
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    Either way, it's just a *lovely* name, isn't it? </ sarcasam>
  • sukoshi_momsukoshi_mom
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    She has been adopted! Yaay! (I checked with the shelter)