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  • SangmortSangmort
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    Sorry guys, I know this is the NK forum, but I'd love some help.

    Ok, early this morning, around 9 am, a random beagle mix followed Brian & Fate home. LOL

    I can't say for sure his age, but he's around 3-4 I think, maybe a bit older. Good with people, pretty good with other dogs [ he likes to hump ], quiet. He has these GORGEOUS big light blue eyes. Might have some hip issues...but anyway, I digress.

    After Bri brought Fate home & crated him up, he went outside to check on the dog & the beagle was outside the door crying / whining wanting to get into the house! lol So he picked him up, brought him in.

    He has 2 tags. [ on a choke collar ] 1 tag is for the SPCA in Kansas. The other tag is for Kissimmee, Fl [ where we live ] all it has is his name, one phone number, & "Kissimmee, Fl." Called the Kansas SPCA, they wouldn't tell us anything but took our info & said they'd try to contact the owner.

    We have been calling the local number on his tag ever hour all day, but all it does is ring ring ring! No answering machine or anything! I took him to the vet to get scanned this morning. They scanned him with two different types of scanners, & nothing. I also posted him up on CL, but nothing there yet either.

    Now, normally I wouldn't have a problem keeping him for a couple of weeks, however, our fourth pup is coming in on either Monday or Tuesday. With the way Fate is especially, & the fact that I do not know this beagle, I don't feel comfortable bringing in a puppy when I have the beagle.

    I mean, transitioning the pup to the 3 current dogs is going to be difficult enough without adding in the stray beagle!

    So, beagle needs to go somewhere. We have a SPCA & Animal Services, both share the same parking lot. SPCA won't take him cause he's not an owner surrender, & Animal Services says if they don't find his owners in a week they'll put him down.

    He's such a sweet pup, I can't stand the thought of putting him down! I know if I could get him somewhere, he'd be adopted quickly. He's super calm, very easy going, quiet [ tho he will let out a beagle yodel when excited ], he's potty trained, the perfect car dog [ just sits in the back seat nicely ].

    So what should I do??? I'm trying to find someone to take him in, but this is proving difficult!

    I might just be panicking cause I haven't slept at all yet, but I'd love any advice you all have. Would a beagle rescue take him if the owners don't contact us?

    Ugh. So stressed. ~
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  • SangmortSangmort
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    Oh, I have also leashed him up & walked him around the subdivision to find nothing. He doesn't take my anywhere in particular either [ he doesn't pull at all ] so he just sort of trots along. Asked everyone I saw if they knew him, nope.

    I mean, I know all the dogs in this sub-division & I've never seen him before! Poor guy, I feel so bad for him. :( ~
  • CaliaCalia
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    Sounds like you may have to start posting fliers :/ Hopefully you find his home soon
  • aykayk
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    As a rescue, we don't take in strays directly off the street. We let the shelter take the dog until the legal hold period is up and then pull the dog. It's not a great solution, especially if the shelter that takes the dog has poor disease control, but the shelter has more visibility than a private person posting notices. It also wraps up any litigation possibilities for "stealing" another person's dog. (CA is very sue-happy.)

    It's often less expensive if the shelter were to spay/neuter/chip/vet the dog rather than doing it yourself with an outside vet, too.
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  • sukoshi_momsukoshi_mom
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    contact a beagle rescue if there is one in your area. Or you can try contacting any all breed rescues in your area. The SPCA should be able to link you up with some rescues. Find out from the SPCA how long you as a private person are expected to take care of an animal you have found.

    By all means, post flyers, continue with Craigslist listing, etc.

    Follow up with the Kansas SPCA.

    Have you done a telephone # check via the internet to see if you can locate the owners that way? The owners could be on vacation at this time of year.
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  • aykayk
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    I hope you've been segregating the beagle mix from the areas that your future puppy will hang out in. Normally there's a 2 week period before you know if the dog was carrying anything like parvo, distemper, giardia, worms, etc.
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  • aykayk
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    Might want to get second opinions on whether he has catahoula in him. The one I saw at a UKC show really wasn't that big.
  • LosechLosech
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    I'll usually hang onto dogs I find for a short while and keep them separate from my own and wash inbetween handling them and mine. I've put up flyers before, but if I can't find the owner, I will either call the shelter or find a rescue for that dog's breed.
    Fortunately for me, I live in a small city, so we've got just two shelters and only one is actually in town, so everyone always contacts them when their dog goes missing. So even if I couldn't hang onto the dog, they'd most likely end up back with their owner.
    Sorry I am not much help :/

    (BTW, Congrats on the pup! Can't wait to see pictures. I love Dutchies!)
  • aykayk
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    One more input from me. Sometimes the SPCA has a relationship with the county/municipal shelter. Some people call it "cherry picking" the best dogs from the kill shelter. If the dog is that sweet, there might be a chance that they'll take him after the hold period is up. If the SPCA is not full to capacity, he may have a shot at being moved over.
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Unfortunately it's impossible to segregate an area of my house the way it's set up, unless I wanted to keep him in the garage, which would NOT be good. I don't think he has anything tho. He seems VERY well taken care of. He's got a healthy weight [ not lean at all, more on the chunky side ] & his coat is clean. He also came to us smelling like...carpet cleaner!!! He's also pottytrained. ~

    He does look like he has some catahoula in him. I looked up the breed & he has those exact eyes!

    Thanks guys....this is so frustrating! I THINK I might know someone who can take him in til his owner's are found. I'll have to ask her tomorrow. Poor guy, he's such a sweet boy.

    Oh, & the house is tile & he's in an expen, so clean up for incoming puppy should be ok.
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