Sacramento CA-Two Jindo Girls need foster home(s) by 7/23/12 -Temp Foster Found!
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    There are two Jindo 7 yr. old females at the Sacramento SPCA who need rescue by 7/23/12. The Two Dog Farms Rescue in Minden NV has put out a plea for foster home(s) for these girls. If you know of someone who might provide a foster home, please contact Two Dog Farms. The Facebook link is below. See the Facebook link for info about these girls, including pictures.


    (Jindos are Korean dogs that look very much like Shibas. Wikipedia article: )

    I am also posting this on the Shiba Inu Forum. (The NorCal Shiba Rescue and Sacramento Shiba Inu Meetup are aware of these Jindos.)
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    I received this information from Rosalind at the Two Dogs Farms Rescue:

    "We sincerely appreciate the help of the Shiba community afforded to their Korean cousins!
    It looks like we may have a temporary foster set up for the girls now, so they will at least be out of the shelter and safe. We will continue to network them for more permanent fosters/adopters.
    Thanks again for your support!
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    I love Jindos. They're beautiful dogs. I hope they find parents soon.
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    The two Jindo girls are now in a temp foster home in Sacramento.

    They will still need a "permanent foster" and adopter(s).

    If you hear of someone who could foster or who would be interested in adopting, please have them contact Rosalind at Two Dog Farms Rescue, email: