BEAR (Big East Akita Rescue) is in desperate need of help
  • Hey, saw this on Akita World on FB. BEAR got hit really badly by Sandy, and they are in desperate need of help. Their home is destroyed, and they have 12 dogs, and are in a restricted zone due to the flooding. I'll add the link to BEAR page at the end of this; if you can help, please do. Here's what was posted in Akita World:

    Okay People BEAR needs HELP - please donate NOW they need everything - their cars are gone kennels ruined no power no gas nothing HELP...If you live in the area and can move they need food water Blankets - they have 12 dogs in wjwhat is left of their home - they are safe but need our help! Paypal
    Quote from Jo last night: First the dogs and us are all safe . We had a...sudden storm surge between 10-midnight which brought flood waters to 4 feet due to full moon & high tide . I thank my two teenage kids and husband for getting all dogs crates , tarps all set up on the 2nd floor at 1am so dogs could be moved to higher ground . We have no power , heat , gas , cars are gone they went under so no way for us to get out . We...have 12 Akitas here . We will need towels , batteries , bottled water , food if this continues another 48 hours . We have no other way to charge phones so this might be the last time I can post .I think you already know we lost our barrier islands as the bay met the ocean . The water here is saltwater that has covered everything . Please we need any help you can give .the destruction is beyond words . Thank you all for all your thoughts , prayers . Jo
    Also all landlines are down , sure the cell tower is next .

    Here is a link to their page with address for donation plus paypal address:

    There's also a ticker on the side of the page with updates from FB so you can see what is going on with them.

    And here's a link to what their area is like right now:
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  • How will they get PayPal donations in time? Last I heard, their cell phones were dying and couldn't be charged so they've lost contact with the outside world. I am not sure how to send emergency help from the Internet, when they can't access the Internet or leave their house to buy the stuff they need.

    If anyone is in the area though PLEASE HELP in person!!

    EDIT: Made it sound like I wasn't going to help at all. I plan to donate, it will still help get back on their feet when they have access again... I just want to know what I could do NOW that will help NOW.
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  • Well, they'll still need help, and donations, even after the get to safety. (I did see earlier this afternoon that people had found boarding for some of the dogs, for example). And someone had a generator and was trying to get that in.

    I think this is kind of like any emergency though--yes, they need help now, but when people really need help is in the days and weeks (even months). So BEAR will be able to use donations via paypal, no doubt about that.

    Also this via Donna Bennet is an Akita breeder (and a member of this forum, though I don't think she checks in much):

    Also donations are being taken: (other than $) Hi everyone - Carol Money of ARSF is coordinating the efforts to get everything needed for BEAR - if you want to help please contact Carol FIRST - if you can get donations of food and bedding please contact Carol -
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  • i donated... hopefully a bunch of little donations go a long way. :)
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    Thanks for bringing this to ours attention. I'm glad I could help a little for such a worthy cause.
  • ceziegcezieg
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    Woooow that's terrible! I get paid Friday and will hopefully have some left to donate after paying bills and a traffic ticket. I wish I was closer and could help in person...
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    Donated. Wish I was closer.
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