Jindo Pair at the Sacramento CA SPCA need foster home ASAP (11/1/12)- Foster home found!
  • This was posted by Rosalind, a member of the NK Forum, on the Sacramento Shiba Inu Meetup Message Board. The Sacramento SPCA is full capacity and needs to find foster home(s) for this pair. If you can help, contact Rosalind at info@twodogfarms.com

    "Two Dog Farms, Jindo Rescue, would like to rescue a pair of bonded Jindos (one yellow neutered male, aged 12 years old, called Bandit; one white spayed female, aged 9 years old, called Juney Bloom), from Sacramento SPCA.
    (They were given up to the shelter because their owners said they were moving and couldn't/wouldn't take them with them).

    BUT, we need a foster home for them!
    We are primarily looking for a foster in the Sacramento area, or anywhere in NorCal or Northern NV. At a pinch, we will consider SoCal too for this pair.
    If you can help in any way, either by sharing, networking or simply offering a home for them, please let us know ASAP.

    We cover all medical expenses, provide kibble and training when necessary.

    Below is a link to their thread on our Facebook page, which includes comprehensive details from the shelter about this pair, plus photos - they sound to be a lovely couple of dogs who just deserve a chance to live out their years in comfort: Two Dog Farms, Inc. Korean Jindo Dog Rescue


    Thank you, All!

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  • Hello all-

    Wanted to let you know that the Jindo pair at the Sacramento SPCA has found a temporary foster home!

    One of the NK Forum members, Linda (aka "rubijuel"), will be fostering them.

    Info about them will continue to be posted on the Two Dog Farms Jindo Rescue Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TwoDogFarms

    So -- please share the info about them with anyone you know who might be interested in a lovely, sweet pair of Jindos.
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