Female Jindo (Mix) needs foster home ASAP! (Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Ginger is a 5 year old female Jindo mix, about 50lbs, in need of rehoming. Read her story below and contact us if you can help with fostering this girl ASAP!

    (Notes from the owner's sister):
    "This is the story behind Ginger: About 5 years ago my sister rescued a neglected female puppy that turned out to be a light red colored Korean Jindo. Her intent all these years was to foster "Ginger" until she could find the right home for her. In the meantime my sister had 2 dogs of her own, then moved to a home where she could only have her 2 dogs and now moved to Portland OR. Well, Ginger has been living at my mom's for a year now & my mom is well ready to be "dog free" and my sister hasn't been able to make any progress to place her so I told her I'd help. Ginger is a very cool dog, attentive to people, intelligent, & well mannered at home. She does really well as an indoor dog, got along well with my sisters other 2 dogs (a golden retriever & a small mix breed) & would need a home with a fenced yard. I walked her on the leash once & she did well until we came across another dog, then she was aggressive. Last winter she escaped from my mom's yard and was gone a week, when she was found she had hip pain & limped. She has recovered from whatever that injury was but has a slight gimp to her hind quarters when she runs and can't run for long periods of time but still loves to play. Ginger has been spayed.

    Her feeding routine has been a meal in the am and a meal in the late afternoon/early evening. She eats a combo of dry dog food with extra vegetables and nutritional supplements (glucosamine). She is very patient while food is being prepared and is not much of a barker. She does not jump on people and is not a digger. My mother has a 6ft cinder block wall fence & Ginger has never jumped it (I don't think she's even tried). Indoors she is quite happy to lie on her bed, goes in & out when called, entertains herself in the fenced yard and then ends up laying around resting. She is quite familiar with the routine at our mother's house but I'm sure it would take a bit to adapt to a new environment (just as any newly adopted adult dog - we've had several, all labradors. but are familiar with the adjustment it takes) but overall as a solo dog she's calm in a home environment that she trusts. Regarding being left alone, she sleeps in the family room alone all night without a peep. During the day our when our mother comes & goes she leaves Ginger in the yard for anywhere between 1-6 hours maximum and Ginger does fine. She will bark to let our mom know she'd like to have dinner early or barks at squirrels chasing them up & down the fenceline but overall is pretty quiet. Ginger's exercise is her free time in the backyard and she is in good shape other than limited long runs (she loves her sprints around the yard but can't do it for long because of her hind end). She does get anxious with car rides. She has always been great with my husband and other males when we've visited. I've never heard about her biting anyone but will confirm that for you along with her behavior in public places. Stephanie said Ginger is current on vaccines & flea treatment. "

    Here are photos of Ginger from her Facebook album: