Blind Akita? Akita mix? in Michigan (she's been claimed!)
  • Saw this on Shibaholics. A blind dog (no eyes) was found in Michigan walking in circles in someone's yard. She is in the allegan county shelter and needs her home or a new one. Someone from Shiba rescue is going to pull her when she is available for adoption. They thought she was a Shiba, but turns out she's about 70 pounds, so might be an Akita or Akita mix (or you all might have other ideas about her breed). The rescue doesn't have the space for such a large dog long term, so she may need another place. I mentioned Midwest Akita Rescue.

    In the meantime, if anyone knows anyone missing a blind dog, or might be willing to take her in, she is apparently very sweet. It's just heartbreaking to think of this poor, confused dog out in the world on her own.
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  • Well, nevermind, her people found her and she's been reclaimed. But that's a good ending to this story!

    still, out of curiosity, what do you all think? Akita? Akita mix? Jindo? Giant Shiba mix?
    Lisa, Toby (Shiba), Oskar and Zora (American Akita), and Leo (Kai Ken)
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  • Looks like a JA to me, although the ears are much more Shiba like.
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  • That's what I thought too....Size seemed right for a JA too. Poor girl, but I'm glad she is going home. It must be especially terrifying for a blind dog to be lost....
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    Poor dog glad someone found her and she is home.
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    I bet the family was so worried about her!!! So glad that her family found her!
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