Jindo in Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, needs FOSTER/ADOPTER!
  • FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED! Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, CA.
    Before APRIL 10TH...


    Boree (aka Bodie) is an 8 year old neutered male Jindo.
    His owner passed away towards the end of last year, and unfortunately, the owner's wife has sold their home and is leaving the country, and feels she cannot take Boree with her - we need to find Boree a home BEFORE APRIL 10TH!!!

    Boree had been with the family for most of his life, having been purchased from a breeder as a young puppy.
    He will likely do best in a home as an only dog as he tends to be rather dominant, and he has never been around cats, but we suspect he would prefer not to be...

    Boree lived outdoors and has his own custom-made dog-house, complete with insulation - this would come with him wherever he moved to.
    He has had free-run of the garden too and has been used to a 6 foot fence.

    Boree does not enjoy visits to the vet, (usually has to be muzzled), and will growl at them, as well as at strangers, which is quite typical for the breed. He may also need some extra training and strong leadership to help him understand if he is asked to do things he doesn't wish to do, snapping is not the best solution!

    Boree is houstrained, but has not been crate-trained.

    He likes to play fetch, (enjoys tennis balls), and will (again in traditional Jindo-style), take treats gently and wait for his food until given the command. He knows SIT and STAY.
    He also likes to carry his toys around in his mouth and will play with some stuffed toys on his own.

    Boree does not like car travel, and has not had much leash experience so will try to resist.
    He shows a natural watchdog/guarding instinct of his owner's property/home.

    Boree has been used to approx 2 cups of dry food daily, and also enjoys jerky treats and milk bones.

    If you can help in any way, either by being able to step up as a foster home or better still a forever home, contact us at info@twodogfarms.com.

  • cdenneycdenney
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    Take a picture and post him on dog shaming for their adoptable Fridays. Tons of people will see it. They are calling for submissions
  • aykayk
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    Boree does not enjoy visits to the vet, (usually has to be muzzled), and will growl at them, as well as at strangers, which is quite typical for the breed.

    I disagree with the statement that this is 'quite typical for the breed.' An undersocialized Jindo, sure, but not for all the breed.

    If a Jindo is man-handled by a stranger - yes, that is a very bad idea on the part of the stranger. But a socialized Jindo with their owner around are typically aloof, not growly.

  • Thank you 'cdenney' - we'll try that!

    'ayk' - unfortunately as you know, too many Jindos are not socialized properly and so it is not uncommon to see a Jindo (when in a stressed situation such as at the vet) behave in this manner.

    When we actually met Boree in person, he did not show any of those traits that we had been informed about.
    We have actually found a foster for this boy now and we will be 'advertising' him for a forever home soon.

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