Shiba Jindo mix that catches birds out of the air (California)
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    This just popped up in my Facebook feed this morning:


    Meet Cheyenne! This girl was found as a stray on January 21st in North Hollywood, CA. She is approximately one year old, and weighs 40 lbs. We believe she has been a stray for quite some time, and needs work with socialization. She is a sweet girl and enjoys being around her people, but much like a typical Asian breed, she is not necessarily too cuddly. We believe she may be a Jindo or Shiba mix. Cheyenne is up to date on vaccines and spayed. She is already microchipped. Cheyenne will need to continue basic training and some work with becoming more familiar with walking on a leash, meeting people, slow introductions to children and other dogs, etc. We would prefer a home familiar with this breed, as it takes a very special person to work with an Asian breed. Cheyenne has an extremely high prey drive and often catches birds straight from the air! She is quite athletic and enjoys walks and hikes. We recommend a home without other dogs or cats. We also recommend a home with older children (10+ years old). If you are interested in this sweet girl, please complete an application:
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    Aw, I hope she gets a home! Pretty girl! (All my Shibas could catch birds out of the air and did, too. They are good at that!)
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    That's amazing!

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    Yea, I hope she finds a home soon! Bea (shiba) catches birds too!
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    Haha, here I was thinking it's unique skill but nope, standard shiba awesomeness :)

    My buhund just looks at birds, and runs after them casually sometimes. So the idea of a dog snatching a bird out of the sky is quite foreign to me lol
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    She's adorable! I hope she finds a fantastic home.

    My Lapphund used to catch birds out of the air when she was young. She didn't do it when she got older, though. I've heard of other Lapphunds doing the same, but it's by no means a breed universal in them. It seems like prey drives are way more variable in them than they are in Shibas (from what I've heard).