I'm most likely picking up a Jindo tomorrow- Tips?
  • Kuma123Kuma123
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    I am supposed to be picking up a 1 year old Jindo tomorrow. I will be fostering him until a suitable home is found. If you or anyone you now are interested in adopting him at a later date just let me know. If you could all spread the word, that would be super helpful. I'll be able to give more details once I get him home and settled and learn his temperament and habits, etc.
    Any tips, advice or things to look for with Jindos would be greatly appreciated. I could not stand the idea of this guy going to a high kill shelter. I have not met him in person yet but he is supposedly sweet but shy. He has been an outdoor dog.

    I have been reading/researching non-stop to ensure I am knowledgeable and prepared but there is nothing that compares to hands on experience and the experiences of others.

    I have not had a Jindo before but I'm going to give it my best shot so that this guy has a fair chance at finding a great home. I have experience with Shibas, Akitas and other headstrong and high drive breeds so I am sure he will do just fine here but I am open to any advice/tips you guys want to give me. I will take it slow and let him set the pace. He loves to be brushed and it has been recommended that I use brushing to help him bond and relax with me.

    Any do's and don'ts that are specific to this breed?

    I have a crate ready for transport and he will be set up in a calm/low traffic room in my house. We have a chain link (6ft tall) kennel for fosters to use for potty breaks to keep them separate from the permanent residents to start with. I have already gotten toys and chewies for him and I think I am ready :)

    Thank you in advance!
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  • LoboSpamLoboSpam
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    Is this the jindo from alabama?
  • aykayk
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    Is this the owner surrender in Alabama posted by Mitch Fuchs?

    If so, the dog doesn't seem to have the typical look of the population that has been in Georgia, so it'll be hard to predict where his personality might lean towards.

    But generally, Jindos that do well with dogs in the home will still do the "the best defense is an offense" when insecure around other dogs on walks. Don't crowd the dog when it happens because some dogs will re-direct on a handler who is a stranger. Just walk the dog away and bring the dog under threshold.

    Jindos don't like to be physically restrained or man-handled by a stranger if their owners are not around. I assume that you'll be taking the dog to the vet to have his eyes looked at? Take precautions with a muzzle. There's a reason why Jindos have a bad reputation with shelter vets ...

    Some Jindos won't go potty in a kennel unless there's some dirt in a corner or area. Some people use leaf litter to encourage a spot, others actually construct a litterbox complete with a stand for boy dogs to pee on.

  • WhiteGC8WhiteGC8
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    Sounds like you got everything covered and with your experience, you should be fine.

    A few things I've noticed with my Jindo:

    You must be within visual range (once bond has been formed).
    An exit must be readily available. For example, Yoshi doesn't like being in a room with the door closed. That being the case, your foster pup may not be a fan of the crate.
    He's not a fan of any creature that has high energy. He likes things calm and even keeled. Therefore, I suggest always being cool, calm and collected.
    Unless you've formed a bond, don't look him eye to eye at a close distance.

    Yoshi's my first experience with a primitive breed. I'm not sure what info I have could be of use but if you have a situation that you need help on, I'll gladly give you my thoughts on it as a Jindo owner.
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    I actually like setting some distance with a new foster dog and setting a crate/kennel routine early. You don't want too deep of a bonding. It's no fun dealing with separation anxiety.
  • @kuma123- You may want to touch base with Rosalind Behenna, who is a member of this forum. She runs the Two Dog Farms Jindo Rescue in Minden NV. She can give you additional guidance if you need it. Her email: info@twodogfarms.com
  • aykayk
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    I wish Rosalind would contribute more to the forum (ie. post here rather than via private email). All I know of her is she used to work under a rescuer who was a devoted Cesar Milan fan.
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    @LoboSpam and @ayk, yes, this is the Jindo in Alabama. I picked him up today.
    @sukoshi_mom, I contacted Two Dogs Farms a couple days ago and told her of my guy today. I'm still waiting to hear back. I'm going to need help placing him when the time comes. He is going to need a special family.... one with a lot love and patience. I am going to start a thread for him. He has some physical issues that I am concerned about. I will be calling my vet in the morning to make an appointment.

    Thank you all for the information and tips. I hope to hear more from you all and I am grateful for this forum and it's members :)
    My goal is to be as good a person as my dogs think I am!
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    Awe! I'm so happy!

    What do you think he has going on with him?
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    @Kuma123 did that Jindo come from North Alabama by chance? There are 2 BYB here.
  • Aw, it's really nice to hear a happier rescue story for a change. Good on you for stepping up to foster him :)
  • Kuma123Kuma123
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    @BearMom, he supposedly came from a breeder in Tennessee but I did pick him up in N. Ala.

    @Crispy, he is super weak in his back end, especially left side. This is my biggest concern. He is super shy but is making progress already. He had some issues last year that the vet treated him for but when I called the vet's office they told me the owner never followed up and he has not been seen since. I'm going to start his thread now and will put details.
    My goal is to be as good a person as my dogs think I am!
  • I don't want to detract from the point of this thread, but please to "ayk": the reason I do not post much on this forum is because I am so busy with Jindo rescue work and do not have the time to do so. (I am alerted by some other forum members about posts). I do try to make time to respond personally to emails and messages sent directly to me or the rescue.
    Also, before you post 'facts' about me, I'd really appreciate it if you could make sure they are correct. I have never worked under or for another rescuer (though I believe I know to whom you are referring). We have always been independent, though have worked 'alongside' or in collaboration with several other rescues including other Jindo rescues, Akita, Shiba Inu and Husky rescues.
    (And thank you, "kuma123", for keeping us updated and emailing photos re Go-Ji's progress!).

  • aykayk
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    @twodogfarms - I'm glad that your rescue is independent of the others and that you stated it so.

    The "hit and run" type posts aren't very satisfying, and it doesn't add to the community's knowledge if discussions are referred to private email, but I understand your busyness.

    Quite honesty, what you are doing with all the Jindo networking has never been accomplished by a prior Jindo rescue.

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  • Kuma123Kuma123
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    @twodogfarms, you're welcome! I am grateful to you for all of the info/help you have given me since Go-Ji has been here :)
    My goal is to be as good a person as my dogs think I am!

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