SOS (Save our Seniors) Akita fundraising
  • Saw this on an Akita page I'm on--ARWNY has started a new group to help save senior Akitas, mostly by helping keep then in their homes with help with vet bills, etc. It's a new group, good cause. They're having a raffle for some Akita swag, including a huge bronze Akita! There are two raffles here and both benefit SOSAkitas, so go check them out!

    Support them if you can!

    And this link, just because I thought this was can see the bronze sculpture, but also the dog who modeled for it!
    Lisa, Toby (Shiba), Oskar and Zora (American Akita), and Leo (Kai Ken)
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  • @shibamistress, I'm glad you posted this info. ARWNY is run by some really great people. They were one of the rescue orgs. I contacted for advice about our situation with Taz. They were very helpful and caring during a critical time for us.

    I read through some of the stories of senior Akitas on their site and it really is touching to see how much a little bit of help can end up making a big difference.