Elderly Shiba and Jindo on the Urgent List
  • Hi folks,

    I noticed two elderly girls on the NYC shelter 'Super Urgent' list, a female shiba inu named Vanilla and a female Jindo mix named Jada. These two are at risk of being destroyed anytime so if anyone in the area is looking to give one or both of these girls a retirement home, or knows a breed rescue in the area who might want to take them, please spread the word. I understand that the shelter(s) linked to here are not great at contacting breed rescues on their own.


    ps-sorry forgetting how to do the html link
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  • NYC Shiba Rescue probably knows about the Shiba. Their website says that they automatically get notified of any Shiba/shiba mix in the NYC shelter system.

    I forwarded the info about the Jindo girl to "Treasured K9s", a Jindo Rescue on the East Coast.
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  • Got an email from TreasuredK9s rescue. They are aware of the Jindo girl and are working on her