Japan- video on animals from "evacuation zone" (Updated)


  • Oh that was so sad....All those Shibas! And the white dog in the beginning was an NK too, wasn't it? Anyway, this just made me really sad, but I'm glad that they are trying to find a way to help these animals. It must just be heart wrenching for people to not be able to care for their pets...

    Actually, this whole thing has made me think a lot of what we'd do in an emergency. Esp. now that it is "fire season" here....where would we go with our three dogs, how would be prepared, etc.
  • So sad when I saw the red shiba inu and the fawn boxer I cried. =::(

    I never used to cry so much over these things I'd get sad, but never this bad, but after going through Katrina then few years later loosing my two boxers, my black cat, and my first snake yoshi I just bawl like crazy when seeing these pictures and videos..

    So glad I could donated some money towards this from the ARK, Red cross, and one other thing.

    Sad so many pets can be in the shelter.

    Like with hurricanes I'd never abandon my pets even if my home was destroyed by a tornado or blizzard etc..

    This is a book I found while looking at a midwest shiba rescue auction it looks cute I hope to order a couple one for me and another for the library and hopefully later I'll buy more if I go to the Mad WI shiba picnic this year or next..

  • Saya- So sorry you went through the Katrina experience. Can understand the "sadness " you still feel. Fortunately, I haven't been through something like that, but I live in an area where flooding and wildfires are a potential threat. People always look at me as though I'm just a bit crazy when I tell them that one of my factors for buying a particular model of car is how it can be used to evacuate my pets and me...
  • When things like this happen, it just makes one realize exactly how important training (recall) is for you and your pets' well-being. In situations like this you probably don't have time to be grabbing leashes or searching around the house for cats/dogs and you sure as heck don't have the strength or time to be hauling crates (unless you're lucky to not be in any immediate danger and have a few minutes or hours to spare).

    I'm glad to hear that there are people who are able to help out with all the animals in distress. There's really not much to say about the whole inccident except that it really SUCKS! I was really upset about this whole thing...not a "big deal" persay about the damages so long as everyone survived but...-sighs-.
  • So happy they are able to get those dogs must be scary for them and their owners.
  • Glad they were able to save them...but damn, it must be hard....And scary, too, because at first I was thinking who would leave their dogs (and it was clear it must have been a breeder) but then I saw in the comments they weren't even letting people get on the bus to evacuate with one pet, let alone multiple pets, and I realized how complicated it must be to have to balance all that--the need to get out, probably a forced evacuation, and what can you do with all those dogs....So scary! I worry about what I'd do with my three--can't even imagine what would happen with someone who had so many and had to go.
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    When I saw Mari and her three pups and when the grandpa and girl had to leave Mari it made me cry. Reminded me of all the people who had to leave their dogs when hurricanes came..

    My family never left our dogs we either stayed or brought them with us in our car.

    Though in a event like a flood or tornado it'd be hard especially with lots of animals.

    I'd carry Saya, Bella, and my snakes in their pillow cases if I had to, but you never know I'd at least try my best to bring my pets they mean so much to me..
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