1.5 yr old JA in need of a foster or home in soCal

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This morning I visited a Poongsan and a Japanese Akita that were owner-surrendered to a concerned private individual. The two dogs were suffering from neglect, especially after one of their owners fell ill and could no longer care for the dogs. The Poongsan had an embedded flea collar and the JA had untreated entropian that caused his eyes to swell up. The two are currently being treated and boarded at a veterinary/rescue center but will be needing a foster home or a permanent home very soon. Before this next weekend if possible, or else they'll get moved to another boarding location.

I'll be taking in the Poongsan but the JA still needs a place to go to. Though undersocialized, he had bounced back from the shock of being removed from home and from being boarded in a strange place. He was friendly and accepting of treats and pets. He is in dire need of a bath, but unlike the Poongsan, he still has all his coat and doesn't seem to have gotten urine burns.


If you can help, please let me know (jindojunkie@yahoo.com) and I'll forward the contact info of the private individual.


  • Here is the link to the Sacramento Akita Club(Meetup) Perhaps some of its members have contacts in Southern CA:


    The Meetup does support rescue efforts.
  • I'm kicking over a few cans right now to see if we cant find a home ASAP.
  • Poor boy. I hope he gets a new home.
  • A trainer was brought in to temperament test the dogs and the Akita did very well. The plan is to have the entropian corrected so whoever takes him in won't have to deal with it.
  • So glad the eyes will be taken care of -- we had a Dalmatian with this problem. Best wishes to the little guy.

    (@ayk--If you want me to contact the Sacramento Akita Club about this guy, let me know. I have worked with them on joint rescue efforts.)
  • @sukoshi's mom - Please do.
  • aykayk
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    Just wanted to share a video update on ShaSha the Akita. He's the big light yellow male in the video. He had his entropian surgery, and despite him ripping the stitches, it's healing fine. He's still looking for a new home.

  • Oh that is cute! I hope he finds a good home and big bravos to all of you for getting him mended and into a foster home.

    Btw koda kises girl dogs just like that white Akita does. Too adorable.
  • Oh, he's cute! Very cute! Seems like a happy guy. :o)
  • He looks great too, btw.
  • If only he were in New York... He's absolutely lovely; I'm still shocked that anyone could ever neglect such beautiful creatures. I have no doubt that he'll find a great home; he seems like such a spirit.
  • He's gorgeous, and looks like he has a great temperament! he sure seems to be enjoying playing with the others, and he bounces and hops just like my Oskar.

    I have to admit, I'd love to have him, and I bet Oskar would love him (he'd be thrilled to have a friend his size) but at the moment we're not stable enough to take on another dog, not with Bel's craziness. I sure hope he finds a good home.
  • I bet it wouldn't cost too much to ship him to New York. It might be worth looking into.
  • What a handsome guy!!!!

  • I've watched this video four times now. I think I'm kind of in love with ShaSha.
  • I was hijacking Ayk's other thread with questions about ShaSha, so didn't want to do it anymore, but here is the link Ann posted in the other thread about him: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/20082621

    I really want this boy, but since we already have three dogs, and a somewhat complicated situation with them, it doesn't sound like it will work for us, as much as he does seem like he would be a good companion for Oskar. So I thought I'd bump this thread about him and maybe someone knows someone who would want him. He sounds like a wonderful boy!
  • He has been placed. Sorry for not updating everyone.
  • That's great news! :-)
  • I agree, super excited for him getting a new home. I think JACA is going to start having a rescue donation jar at all events. Even if they dog is not a JA - I think we can point people in the right direction.
  • Great news for ShaSha!
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