3/19/ 12 Older Jindo Guy in South LA Shelter needs foster home ASAP! Updated (See comments)
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    This was posted on the Two Dog Farms Jindo Rescue Facebook. Rosalind Behenna runs this rescue and is a member of the Nihon Ken Forum. Her email: info@twodogfarms.com.

    Here is his Petfinder link:

    Two Dog Farms, Inc.
    6 hours ago
    These are dogs that we have evaluated and who we would love to rescue ASAP, but we need foster homes for.
    If you can help with fostering, contact us ASAP - we cover food, medical and provide training when necessary.
    If you can't help with fostering, please still share and network this boy as much as possible.

    Our volunteer (thanks, Samira!) went by to check him out today - yes, despite the name, it is a boy!
    Peggy is said to be about 12 years old, and is already neutered.
    He is an owner surrender and the reason given was that they were unable to afford to look after him anymore. He had been kept outdoors (his coat is filthy), and had probably been used as some kind of guard dog/rodent control for a local business.
    Peggy is a VERY sweet older boy! The shelter staff said he was very friendly and our volunteer confirmed this, noting he came up right away for pets and ear scratches.
    He weighs about 50lbs, but is probably a few pounds overweight.
    He does appear to have some arthritis in his rear end, and so the shelter have him on Rimadyl right now which they report is helping him greatly such that when you see him walk, you would barely know there was an issue.
    However, they do have him in the Medical Isolation area because of this, and this has a negative impact on him too as it means he cannot be seen by potential adopters so easily, and so his time is very limited. They also moved him inside to the Medical area as he appeared to be getting depressed outside in the noisier areas.
    The shelter is filling up and an old dog in the Medical area is not going to last long.
    Whilst our volunteer was there, there were many cats around and though interested in them, Peggy did not show any aggression - nor towards any of the other dogs.


    If anyone can offer this boy a foster home, please contact us immediately - a shelter is certainly no place for an older dog to be.
    It is quite obvious he enjoys human contact which makes his surrender even more sad...

    South Los Angeles Shelter

    1850 W. 60th St. Los Angeles, CA 90047

    Call Direct:
    888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381

    Monday (Closed)
    Tuesday - Saturday (8AM - 5PM)
    Sunday (11AM - 5PM)

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  • The shelter called us (at Two Dog Farms) this afternoon and are pressing us to get "Peggy" out within the next couple of days before the weekend.

    They need the space and an older dog is not as appealing to many adopters hence they want to move him out.
    If we cannot rescue him, he will be PTS.

    PLEASE, if you are in the Los Angeles area and can offer this boy a foster home, contact us ASAP! info@twodogfarms.com

    Our rescue covers all medical costs and provides food and other essential supplies, as well as training should it be necessary.

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    Does he get along with other dogs? I could post his info up!
  • We don't know for sure if he gets on with other dogs, though he basically ignored the others in the shelter. (And same for the cats there too!)
  • UPDATE: Wed March 20th.
    We have a foster for "Rupert" (can't stay with the name "Peggy"!!). Our volunteer will pull him on Friday morning, at which time he will get a trip to the groomers for a bath, and then he'll go to stay with our trainer-friend for a day or two until his long-term foster Mom comes to get him - more updates to come!
  • Fantastic! So glad to hear this.
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    Great news! Looking forward to the updates.
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    Update- From the Two Dog Farms Facebook

    Rupert was pulled from the shelter today. He will spend a couple of days with a trainer and then go to his foster home.

    You can track his progress/get updates on :

    This old guy will need his forever home, so if you know someone who might be able to take him, please have them contact Rosalind Behenna at email: info@twodogfarms.com
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  • That's great news. Very happy that he will be saved
  • Rupert is currently safe, but due to changes in his current foster's personal circumstances, he will need a new foster home ASAP!
    If you can help (either directly, or by sharing and helping us network him) that would be SO appreciated!

    His foster has had to take back a cat that she shared with an ex, and unfortunately, Rupert is a little too reactive with the cat for her to feel comfortable leaving them together.

    Rupert does get along with other dogs (there are some photos of him with the foster's Shiba).
    He comes with food, leash, collar and dishes! He's a really sweet older guy and his foster reports that he picks up quickly on commands and hand signals.

  • Rupert is in a new foster home in Los Angeles and is doing very well - gets on with children too.
    He's moving about much better and we've been able to reduce his Rimadyl as the exercise and care his foster Mom is giving him has made such a difference.

    He'd be the perfect intro to the breed, being a calmer, older boy! A very nice boy indeed.