Nihonken Invitational - November 2nd 2014 Claremont California Trophy Sponsors Sheet Posted 8/18/14



  • I won't be there, but I just want it noted for the record, that should you decide to do some grilling, I am not averse to anyone publicly posting their recipes for marinades, homemade sausages, or other delicious edibles. I think we even have a very old recipe thread :-)

    Random thought: if anyone out there is into homebrew, that might be a fun (and generous) thing to do. An NK invitational beer sounds kind of awesome. I may try making an NK forum beer if I do NIPPO this year.
  • Hmm... I have a good friend who does home brews... ;-)

    Perhaps I can bring some VA's finest with me?
  • If I do come I'll be sure to bring some (plenty) of southern Oregon's best brews :D
  • If someone can get katana to the show, I would be more than happy to show him for you.
  • @losech

    We will be carpooling with a van, and you would be welcome to ride with
  • Are there any other people from the PNW who want to vanpool?
  • @lindsayt That's a possibility! It would save some money for sure if enough people went in on it. I'd probably only be bringing Katana if I went, since the Girls aren't Nihon Ken, Conker hates everyone, Tyto will go if I can get him comfortable around strange people (in large groups).
  • Hi the listing is now updated on the UKC webpage:

    The following will be offered at all events: JS (GRP5) AK HOK JAK JIN KAI KISU SHIBA SHIK NLC: Novice Puppy
    Nov 2; S1 Barbara Marin Entries 8-9 am Show 9:30 am
    Nov 2; S2 Lynn Martin Entries 8-9 am Show 1 pm
    DOS $25; JS & NLC $20; PE $20; Weekend PE Special $30 same dog both shows received by October 25, 2014
    Hotel Claremont, 840 S Indian Hill Blvd, 91711 (909) 621-4831 From 10 Fwy take Indian Hill Blvd exit and head south at first light turn left into Hotel Parking lot.
    Chairperson: Sean Nollan (310) 594-3606
    Event Secretary: LeAnna Fox, 2319 West 241st St, Lomita CA 90717 (310) 418-1478
    Akita's now eligible, EC e-mail address, and ES Phone updated 4/15/2014
  • @lindsayt I might be interested in a vanpool, or at least a caravan. But I'm having second thoughts about going.
  • Here is the show site. Depending on the weather we will be on either the lower field or the field near the pool.

  • Sean, the "temporary listing available" is missing from the listing. I just compared to the announcements from other shows and it should be there in capitals under the location.
  • Right because we are not issuing them the day of the show. People can get their TL number before the show and put it on their entry form.
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    Here is the show poster big thanks to Jellyfish for doing this for us. I'll be making a pdf that will have an entry form and a map of the grounds and posting this real soon.

    I also want to thank Ann and Shigeru for helping with the breed descriptions.

  • I can't be there, but I'm happy KKA Juno is representing on the poster! (and Kishin, too!) GAD, I wish I could go- you guys are going to have so much fun!
  • Woohooo!! Good lookin poster ;)
  • Awesome. Can't wait!!!
  • Man, I gotta use surgeon like precision to schedule myself to go to this and my sister's wedding in Mexico the weekend after:)
  • Sorry for the silly question but is this in the LA area of california
  • Yep. It's located in Claremont, which is west of Ontario.

    Closest freeways are I-15 and I-10.
  • @akinno - it's right next to the Claremont Colleges
  • I think we'll probably end up going. We know a couple people in LA and if we can stay with friends it will definitley make it worth the trip to go. We would fly in with Kiyoshi and maybe make a vacation out of it too.

    Still waiting on the final word but I WANT to go. Looking into flights right now :)
  • I would check the roomrates at the hotel Claremont. They are quite reasonable.
  • Why is it on Sunday!!! :(
  • Because we have some members who work Saturday.
  • Sean,

    Could you re-post the revised poster here?
  • Already did it's in the first post.
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    Morning Everyone - here is the award sponsorship worksheet. The idea was thrown around interested clubs being able to sponsor each breed as a whole. I would like to try and make this a reality. After that we can open it up to individual sponsors. The group showing placements will be offered at a later date.

    To give everyone an idea to how the show(s) work here is a break down for the awards.

    First there are two shows. Each breed has the following classes Puppy, Junior, Senior, Adult, Breeder/Handler, and Champion and Grand Champion. Ribbons are given for 1st-4th places in each of these classes. Then all the 1st place males compete against each other for Best Male and Reserve Male. The same is done for females. After that they award the best of winners and finally the Best of breed. This is done for both the Regular and Altered classes.

    After the classes have been judged they take all the Best of Breeds and they will go onto group showing. The Best of breeds will then be judged and placed into 1st-4th placements. This will be the final placements for the show.

    So this is what sponsoring a breed will cover(all awards are for Regular and Altered classes).

    Best of Breed
    Best of Winners
    Best Male
    Best Female
    Reserve Male
    Reserve Female
    Grand Champion
    1st-4th place ribbons per class.
    Breed Sponsor Per Show =$100 Both shows for $180
    If your club is interested please PM me here and I will sponsor in the order that I get them. I'll add you all to the list below.

    Japanese Akita - JACA both shows
    Akita -
    Shiba -
    Shikoku - NASC both shows
    Hokkaido -
    Kai -
    Kishu -
    Jindo -
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