FCI World Dog Show

Hello, this August from 8th til 10th, in Helsinki is the annual FCI World Dog Show. I was just curious if there were any people showing their dogs. I would like to go (have to look at my schedule) and meet some other Nihon Ken dogs, particularly the Kai Ken.

Tomorrow I get my Endo (finally), but depending on how everything is (whether he would be up for travel and whether my husband is not working) then I would like to enter him as well (in puppy class).


  • I might be at the show, but I don't think I'll be taking any dogs with me.
  • I will be there! At least on saturday, when the nihon kens are there. Oh and probably I will have my shiba with me... I will probably be taking many photos and I can't wait to see more shikokus and kais.
  • Could you snap some pictures of the Jindos if they're there?
  • I just found out my husband will be away, so looks like I won't be able to make it :(
  • I'm there with my Kais :P. There will be at least six Kais :).
  • I can snap some pictures of Jindos too if I have time. I hope all the nihon kens aren't in the ring at the same time. (Probably they will overlap with the shibas and akitas. There is gonna be a lot of them!). Or I may end up taking some videos like last show there because my camera kit isn't good enough for that lighting they usually have there..

    Good Mirka! Finland doesn't have any Kais in serior class yet? No one to take the Senior World Winner -title?

    By the way the show is gonna be Biiig! there is already over 12 000 dogs entered. And there is almost two months of time left to enter.
  • Nope, I think Nuuk will be the oldest in the show...
  • OMG, I just realized that I might get breeders' group to world winner show!!! Would this be the first time when breeder's group in Kais would be shown?
  • MirkaM, you can also get into the pair competition?
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    We are coming to the pair competition with Nuuk and Maya :). And we might be able to show our new puppy there too :D.

    PS. I have booked some extra hotel rooms so let me know if you don't have accommodation yet.
  • The breeders of Endo's father want me to come to the show. Although Endo will be too young to compete. I'm considering just going to visit on the Saturday when the FCI Group 5 will be on show.
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    Okay. If you ever wanted to see a shiba. Or two. Or 125 O.O you better to come to WDC in helsinki next month! They have released the number of dogs entered by breed now. Overall 21,247 dogs from 360 different breeds have been entered. I was expecting a lot of shibas but not 125!

    Here are the nihonkens:
    Shiba 125
    Hokkaido 4
    Kai ken 8
    Kishu 6
    Shikoku 6
    Akita 97
    (American Akita 101)

    Oh and if you ever wanted to see a Finnish Lapphund now is your chance! 526 of them are entered!

    Numbers can be found Here
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    One of those Shiba's is Endo's father!
    I need to ask my Finnish friend is she is showing her Finnish Lapphund, Sulo

    PS - Have you seen the awards? They are so beautiful!
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    Oh, they really are :).
  • Bought my tickets today! Not sure how Endo will be on the ferry. I have to crate him! Should prepare some earplugs!
  • Was going to ask if someone could take pictures of any Taiwan Dogs that might be present, but it doesn't look like any have entered! This was supposed to be a banner year for the Taiwan Dogs, coming up on the end of their 10-year provisional status/observation window. I suspect it's very hard for TW exhibitors to get their dogs to Europe and back...
  • I don't find any Taiwan dogs either. But I was surprised to see there is 9 Thai Bangkaew Dogs entered!

    Shibas got another judge. Luckily rings are next to each other. Akitas (japanese) ring will be close but other nihonkens are other side of the building! sigh.. I will miss some shibas when I go to see those in the middle.
    It will be a long day because I want to see Navi's brother who whill be at first class at 9 and our turn is after midday. And there is the pair competition at the end so it will be a whole day :)
  • I'm glad that our ring is so early :). I'm not expecting that we will succeed so I can drop of Nuuk to the hotel after ring and enjoy the day at the show. And people from the forum, come to say hello to us!
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    We kind of cleared the table :D. Nuuk was best of breed and so became world winner 2014. Jaku (Gekkoo No Amanojaku) was second best male and did get his third certificate. Maya (Gekkoo No Amaya) was best female (there was three another females including one Japanese import) -> best of opposite sex and fresh world winner 2014 :). My new puppy Urkki was best of breed puppy. Akali (Gekkoo No Amaterasu) did get very good. We also present breeder's class for the first time in the Kais "show history" and my kennel "Gekkoo No" was the first kennel awarded with the best of breed breeder. And I also showed Nuuk and Maya in the brace class. And WE WON the best of breed brace. So we had pretty good day :).

    photo SDC10327_zps6c669d70.jpg
  • Congratulations @MirkaM ! That's awesome to hear that your dogs did so well. :)
  • Congratulations! Thats awsome work!
  • I got to the rings a little late as I came in at mid-day. Didn't get to see you @MirkaM ! Though for some strange reason I met so many Shikoku and their owners! Oh, and one Kishu ken! (which I thought was a Hokkaido...oops). The Kishu was super sweet. Funny enough, all my questions about these dogs were, "Do they scream like the Shiba?" :)) :-S
  • Way to go @MirkaM! :-D I saw this on FB, but figured I would congratulate you here.
  • Oh, thanks for the pic links! So many beautiful NK! :)
  • From this link you can also watch the whole group finals http://webcaster.goodmood.fi/wds2014/recordings/?video=10
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    Anyone getting ready for the next one in Milan? I actually enjoyed myself in Helsinki. Wouldn't mind doing all three dates though.
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