Nihonken Invitational - November 2nd 2014 Claremont California Trophy Sponsors Sheet Posted 8/18/14



  • Is this only open to clubs right now?
  • Right clubs first. I know the Shikoku club was interested in this. The group awards will be open to individual and these will be open as well down the road.
  • Possible CA Shiba Club contacts:
    Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern CA, Jacey Holden, email:
    Shiba Club of Southern CA, Missy McCarty, email:
  • Thanks I'll contact them.

    NASC will sponsor both shows for Shikoku.
  • Contact info for NAKA (Kai Club)
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    @JackBurton If you need assistance in contacting Jacey Holden, I live only 10mins from her and I'm a SFNC club member. We have a meeting coming up on the 8/23.
  • Aw, I wanna go! Nov 2 is my birthday! Maybe I can convince hubby to take me down for that! Could I bring my ladies, too? I don't think I could show Shelby and I know I can't show the other 2, but it would be nice for Shelby and Mya to meet more dogs that look like they do.
  • @Myabee09 it would be so cool if you could make it out to Cali!! :D
  • just sayin---I am sooo excited for this and to meet everyone! :)
  • I'm so excited I'm going! Though without my 2 girls (too much of a trip and they have behaviour issues).
  • @*Jackburton* did you hear back from the NAKA? If not, let me know I I can get ahold of them.
  • No but one of the other groups didn't receive an email either so I think the internet ate them. I'll send them out one more time.
  • I am so slacking on getting UKC registration on my dogs...'ll likely happen super last minute.

    Do you know how long it'll take UKC to send me my registration numbers once I finally mail it all out?
  • 3 weeks. You can get a TL number if you don't have your stuff in on time.
  • So right now we have the Japanese Akita trophies and Shikoku trophies covered. At this time if individuals, kennels, and businesses are interested in sponsoring awards we can now do that.

    The cost to sponsor the whole breed(Reg & Altered classes) for one show is $100. If multiple people want to sponsor one that's cool. I need one person to handle the money. On the show program I'll make sure to have room to list all the names. DO ME A FAVOR AND NOT HAVE A LIKE 50 PEOPLE sponsor a class :) If both shows are sponsored it's $180.

    If you are interested please PM me, I'll confirm and then post it here.

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    Jindo awards are sponsored. awards dedicated "in memory of woody"

  • Just booked my flight. I will be arriving Friday and leaving Monday. Put in my reservation request for Kuma and Ritsu so they will have their spots reserved as well. Getting excited!!
  • Who else is getting excited? I have my plane ticket, Ritsu booked, rental car and hotel room reserved. Unfortunately after this weekends event Kuma will not be attending and will have to stay home.
  • I think it's all a bit surreal for me until October arrives. Since I live relatively close I'll probably drive up the Saturday evening for the dinner and then drive back home...and then turn around and drive again Sunday morning for the show:).

  • Silly question, but could I attend and bring Tsukiko WITHOUT participating in the event? Just so I can meet other NK forum members, and for Tsuki to meet other NK / NK members?
  • @Darcean, that's what i'm doing with both kona and kimber :) ! (also, not a silly question...i think i asked the same thing either way up at the beginning of this thread or elsewhere...or maybe we're both silly ;) )
  • I have a silly question too... Or rather, is it really silly to enter a pet in an altered class? A dog and handler with no experience showing. I keep going back and forth between thinking it would be fun or pointless.

    How many people are entering altered pets? Pets that are not typical show dogs. If we are all in the same boat together, it would make more sense!

    Also, are there more details on the Saturday evening dinner? Is this open to the forum, or just organizers?
  • I was going to try and enter the girls in, but kimber will still have a mostly naked belly, and kona may be a little sensitive with judges (every once in a while there's a male human that she hates, and will growl at them...then after they ignore her and she checks them out she decides they're her best friend..). So, I will probably watch from the sidelines :P

    I think it would be fun to take a shot at the ring, learn a few things ahead of time and go try! :)
  • You can attend without entering your dogs - but, if they're NK, why not enter! The more individuals of the breeds the judges can see and experience, the better.

    Yes, you can enter your pet in altered, and no, its not silly.
  • agree with Claire. If it's anything like the NIPPO classic I attended, it's very beginner friendly. People who've done this before will guide you on how to show your dogs in the ring. It's fun and the more experience the judge gains (and more entrants) the more likely we can do this again in the future.

  • I wouldn't let the shaved belly stop you from entering. My friend had a male Malmaute that had to have a toy extracted from his intestinal tract. Very long shave line. He was still shown in UKC.

    Both judges are women judges if it helps. I know the second judge, Lynn Martin, will be very good with the dogs.
  • Oh, that's awesome! Well then @zandrame, maybe i'll join you in the altered class if you wanna be beginners together! ;)
  • @mdokic, yes! That would be great! I'm glad I asked, haha. ;)
  • I also showed a dog with a shaved belly at a UKC show. It wasn't an issue.

    I'm going to show my pet American Akita for the first time in altered at this show. :D
  • My offer still stands for anyone that wants to enter, but is nervous about showing, I would happily show them in their class for you. I will also pack and assortment of show collar and leashes for anyone that needs one to use that day. I will only have 1 dog with me to show, so I will be available.
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