Nihonken Invitational - November 2nd 2014 Claremont California Trophy Sponsors Sheet Posted 8/18/14



  • You all should take Stacey up on her offer of coaching or handling. She is really good with teaching and has a relaxed way about her that makes you feel like you have no need to worry after all. :)

    Super jealous- Wish I could join you!
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    I was really wanting to go to this, but... I'm not sure Meitou would do well. Having all those other dogs around might be tough for him. And....he has issues with people touching him. The judge wouldn't be able to get his/her hands on him without Meitou freaking out, pretty sure (another thing I'm trying to get help with from our reactivity trainer). He lets me look at his teeth, but I don't think he'd let anyone else do it. And we've had issues with his comfort level with having his testicles touched because of a vet (grr), so we are kind of back to square one on that.

    So I don't know that I'll be going. I think it would make me feel worse than I already do.
  • Ah but how much does it cost to just get a TL? I just registered the girls AKC-FSS for a coursing trial event I signed up for on the 4th and 5th of Oct, so that's some money...hope it's not a bunch to get TLs :/
  • @mdokic, looks like TL is $20 Web?OpenForm

    And single reg with external registry pedigree is $35

    Are there any downsides to TL? Since it seems you can upgrade to full reg with points intact at any time. I think.
  • $20 for a TL and $35 for perm registration. All you need for the perm registration is a copy of the AKC registration and a copy of the pedigree. If you are not planning on doing a lot if ukc performance events, then all you need is a TL number. If you are planning on future ukc events, I would skip the TL and just get the perm registration.
  • Gothcha...i wouldnt think twice if i hadn't spent the registration costs and costs for 3 runs each for both girls for next weekend :P Lots of other expenses too with recent events outside of doggie world...i'll talk with nate, but $20 isn't bad per dog, things just kinda add up. :/ After next weekend, i think i'll stick with fun-runs for the dogs haha
  • The downside to getting a TL is that if you eventually decide to get full registration you have spent a total of $55 instead of just $35. That's it.
  • it does add up. I guess I am kinda glad Kuma made the decision for me. I was debating if I should bring him or not because of cost (flying myself and 2 dogs cross country)
  • Only one more month until the NK Invitational!

  • I'm excited to SEE everyone!! Wahooo! :D
  • It's essentially do or die time to register...(saying that more for myself than anyone else).

  • Does anyone know how long it normally takes to get a TL number, and when the deadline to register for the event is off the top of their head? (i thought i saw oct 25th on the poster)...
  • aykayk
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    Pre-entry deadline is Oct. 25 (received by Oct. 25.) $20 for one show, $30 for two shows.

    Day-of-show entry is $25 per show.
  • I believe that for all the breeds except JA, you can call the UKC for a TL number.
  • Got it, thanks for the clarification @ayk! :)
  • You can request a TL number online and they will email it to you. It comes back pretty quick. I have to remember to get my entry filled out and sent in. Everything is confirmed for Ritsu and I. We will arrive Friday afternoon and leave Monday.
  • Three things -

    1. We will not be issuing TL at the show. Please get your TL in advance.

    2. Blue Buffalo is going to have a booth at the show. Big thanks to Corina for getting this done.

    3. Pre-Entries are due oct 25th. They get mailed to the event secretary.
  • Entries as of today. Ideally I would like to have 25 dogs per show. Entries usually come in around the PE deadline. So I'm encouraged.

    Breakdown: for both shows.
    1 -- AA
    2 -- Jindos
    7 -- JAs
    3 -- Shibas
  • My kai entry is in the mail. I wish I could bring more than 1 with me, but the girls are out of coat and condition and kuma has his entire shoulder shaved.
  • As of Sunday

    1 -- AA
    2 -- Jindos
    12 -- JAs
    3 -- Shibas
  • Hopefully mine will arrive in the next day or so.
  • We go by postmark
  • Submitted for TL today. Do either of the club contacts accept submissions by email/PayPal?
  • I was able to get the TL sameday via e-mail via the web.

    I'm working through the paper version of the Event entry form now.

  • Zandrame I would prefer to keep it by check. If you need to do PayPal pm I'll figure something out. Contact LeAnna the show secretary about emailing in the entry
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    Current numbers as of pre entry deadline.

    Show 1 = 27 and Show 2 =27. Standby for breed breakdown.
  • That sounds like an awesome turnout! :) Who all is planning on going? And will there still be a meetup the night before somewhere?
  • Some people sure as heck better show up. Ritsu and I are flying all the way from Oh to meet everyone. We arrive at 11 am on friday.
  • We're super excited to see everyone!!
  • We need to talk about the meetup!
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