Nihon Ken Invitational Photos by Paul Rousseau
  • Paul contacted me to share his flickr album with people who participated in the show. So go take a look!
    「怪獣荘秋田犬」Kaiju Kennels Japanese Akita and Hokkaido, Claire Matthews
  • CrispyCrispy
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    Ahh, finally not private. I liked his shots a lot.
    Akiyama no Roushya || 秋山の狼室 ||
  • emi802emi802
    Posts: 296
    Great shots! Thanks for sharing :D
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
    Posts: 2215
    These shots are great! He got some great shots of my girl!

    Jesse Pelayo

  • CrispyCrispy
    Posts: 1907
    That second to last shot of Kurenai is so nice - her movement looks fabulous. I was also really happy to see all the JAs - NONE of my JA pictures came out well when I looked at them after the show. It made me sad.
    Akiyama no Roushya || 秋山の狼室 ||
  • aykayk
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    He took some nice shots in the really harsh light.

    I like the picture of my dark brindle Jindo, Achwi, extended out in his trot. I have a hard time timing any shots to capture that.
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