NIPPO Classic 2016 - May 20-21 Michigan

NIPPO Classic - May 20-21 in Michigan- a lot of us met up at this show a few years ago in Ohio, and it was really fun to see everyone and their dogs in Real Life!

Premuim is not available yet (will be out April 1st), but the dates and location are- Who wants to come? Shiba, JA, Kishu, Hokkaido, Kai and Shikoku- bring 'em out!


  • I'll come with my shikoku pup, shell be almost 5 months around that time :)

    @grayjj join with one of yours?
  • They have all the Puppies show on Friday ( I think), so make sure you go for that! There is not much cuter...
  • I obviously can't show Mya or Shelby, but I'd really like to go. Do many people bring their dogs just to meet up and be spectators?
  • I want to afford a road trip... but I might not be able to do this one in time...
  • Oh wow!! This is actually pretty close to me. I know nothing about showing dogs, but I'd love to show the girls! I'm gonna plan on doing this...
  • I really want to go, it would be a great chance to meet the breeds! And its relatively close which is a plus. We'll see, though..
  • excellent chance to meet the breeds!
  • Will definitely have to be there! How newbie friendly is the show? I don't even know if Takeo would behave in the ring...
  • There are some rules, but its not as formal as dog shows you see on tv. At the link above, there is a page about "A NIPPO-style show" that gives details.

    I am not experienced with dog shows, but when I took Matsu to this as a puppy, we had some walking in the ring and standing still, but you don't stand beside them and pose them. It's a more natural thing I guess? Tails should be up. The judge examines each dog separately first, and they check teeth (you show him the teeth for a quick count) feel the coat/ the body down the back... more walking back and forth or diagonally. Then later they do the group all together.

    Most likely except for Shibas, you will know everyone/dog there because there are so few of these breeds, that anyone who will bring any is someone here, or someone once removed from someone here. So it should be what they call in soccer terms a "Friendly" match.
  • perfect I'll come friday to show my pup then stick around saturday to watch everyone else :)
  • To all the people who are coming to watch but not show... any reason why you're not planning on showing? Showing is a crap shoot and you really don't know if you're going to win or not. Outside of the show that we run in the fall this is the only other opportunity to see the native Japanese breeds together in the US.

    If you're on the fence about entering this show please consider doing so. There will be plenty of people there to help you through the process.
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    I'm not showing either of mine for their own reasons. Shelby is already a nervous dog, and I'm working with her now in hopes that she'll be up for mingling. I don't think showing would be in her best interest. And miss Mya is very cute and friendly... I fear she would jump up on the judge and begin licking furiously, or get excited and poop everywhere as she does in petco.

    We don't get out much, so manners with strangers aren't their strong suit (though they do amazing at home!). We'd love to come and watch, though!
  • As someone who doesn't often show and was totally new to it - please please please - show your dogs! Judges are usually very understanding of behavior in the ring and can be a huge help. It's a great opportunity to show the people outside this community your dogs.

    FYI - Nami pooped in the ring one of her first times showing. Fionna has become snarky with a judge that came in too hot at her. My dogs are NOT trained for showing at all, but it's always exciting and fun to show them.

    Nami also really hates when judges try to man-handle her. It's the only time I've seen her get spooky.

    But still, if you can walk your dog around a block without them being a danger to others, consider showing at least once to see how they do and how you feel after. It's not the end all be all, but it's not horrible - and can even be fun when you're doing with your friends.
  • NIPPO is pretty hands-off for most of the judging. There's the teeth-counting and height check, and for the boys, the family jewels check, but other than that, it's not hands-on like you see on tv for AKC shows.

  • Again for me its all about giving back. To me the shows are all about meeting up with friends and thanking the people who bred our dogs by entering the ring.
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    Yeah - if there aren't enough entries we may not have shows anymore. It is expensive to fly a judge out from Japan. If someone is going to be at a show with their dogs anyway I really see no reason (other than being spayed/neutered or not having the right papers) not to spend 2 minutes in the ring and support the club hosting the show. It is invaluable to get the latest breed news and individual advice and feedback from these judges, not just at the show but the seminar too, and it's a package deal.

    ETA: Not sure yet if I will be able to make it. We would have to fly because of school. My puppies will be two months old at that point, and Aaron could watch them over the weekend.
  • Right- as I forgot to say, but Claire notes- intact dogs for showing, spayed/neutered dogs like Shelby and Mya please come visit and ambassador around the ring! The showing part is only a few minutes, but the hanging around with everyone is all day!
  • Are spectating lurkers allowed?
  • For those who are not sure about showing your dogs or how they will do, I can say that I don't feel that most of the people that I know that are planning on attending are real competitive and we are going more to meet up, than to competitively show... Of course its always nice when you win, but just going and meeting old and new friends is to me what makes dog shows fun!!
    It is a chance to try your hand at Nippo style showing and see how you like it. It is differant than both UKC and AKC and it is way more laid back.. I have no idea still how to show Nippo and I've been to 2 shows.. I just wing it :)

    If you need help there will be lots of people who will help out. If you don't feel you want to try this time you can always just watch and if you aren't showing your own dog someone who is might need a free hand.

    I brought a litter of puppys one of the times so we were shuffling for handlers.. Lol .. and they were so kind.and accomadating. I did not realize the puppys were on friday and did not make it until saturday and since the only kai puppys were mine the very nice judge said he would go ahead and assess my puppys anyways...
  • Are spectating lurkers allowed?
    Yes spectator lurkers are allowed!!
  • There is also suppossed to be an AKC dog show that weekend at fairgrounds. So that might be fun to check out also .

  • To make the trip more affordable some people may be able to car pool if you know someone in your area going...
  • can even be fun when you're doing with your friends.
    This is the important part, too- for all the breeds except shibas, of which there are many more- we all ARE the people and dogs who will be there. We already know who else has Kishu, Kai, Shikoku, JA and Hokkaido. Japanese dog owners are a tiny community, we all know each other at least online.
  • Yes, fair warning, the shiba folks have a ton of people showing. Some were very friendly, some were less so. From what I recall on the main day shibas went first and that judging takes hours because of the number of entries. It's a good opprtunity to talk to the people with the non-shibas. Everyone that I spoke to with non-shibas (including folks with non-NK like the owners of Tuula, the Karelian Bear dog) were super friendly. It's a wonderful way to meet some of the other breeds and really get to meet multiples examples of a breed.

    Also, my advice is to actually plan it if you want to meet folks from the forum in particular. I failed to do that, couldn't identify anyone either than Beth (who was wearing the NK forum tshirt) and Brad (to whom my breeder introduced me, and also, the only Kishu owner there that time) and only met a handful of members while I was wandering. I never ascertained who they were till I returned home and that was a sad missed opportunity on my part.
  • I like that- "non-shibas." :D It's like: "7-up, the UNcola"
  • In 2014 they did the non-Shibas first. Maybe because of complaints from 2013.
  • Ah, see I know nothing about showing. Both my girls are spayed, so we will be spectators.
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    This sounds like a great opportunity! I'd love to show Takeo, he can be picky around males, depending on who wants to join his staring contests; but I'll probably register any way, and see how it goes....

    P.s. maybe we need some forum name badge or a way to indicate we're from NKF :)

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  • We all have to know our dogs. I know that my male Kai takes great exception to shikoku staring games, so I try to be alert to who's looking at whom, avoid shikoku when I have him out, for example. I *know* he hates that, I *know* he will object, so I avoid the full frontal shikoku when he is out. ;)
  • Someone call Kurenai's name? Her ears were burning...:P
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