NIPPO Classic 2016 - May 20-21 Michigan



  • Shikoku Mind Tricks bring out the tiger in my dogs. Where's that picture Claire took of Angry Juno?

    Matsu likes Miyu, though- she doesn't play mind games, she plays body games. photo miyumatsubattle2_zpsf6015d65.jpg
  • @crimson02 - it was pretty funny because even though I didn't realize at the time it was you, Violet also definitely took exception to Kurenai looking in her direction. I kept having to cover her eyes so she would be less offended.

    Does anyone else remember that shiba being shown in 2013 that seemed to hate all dogs? He was in one of those plastic carriers and every time a dog passed him (which was frequently) he would rattle the box. It started being kind of funny after a while even if I felt a bit bad that his stress levels were so high.
  • Kurenai has definitely mellowed out considerably now that she's older. I wanted to excuse her juvenile behavior for her being so juvenile but that event was almost a year after her 1st litter (Peggy was wonderful and brought Kiyoshi to the show so she can meet Momma Kurenai and Papa Kaiju).

    And I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing. For all of you thinking of spectating.

    If you can...
    • Lead your dog in loose-leash a trot around a 20ft x 20ft square
    • Open your dog's mouth over 30 degrees
    • Stand relaxed with your dog standing at your side or just a little ahead of you
    ...You and your dog have the capability of being shown. People stand and give each other enough distance so your dog will likely not be distracted by the other dogs near you. It is great fun, a bit of an adrenaline rush, and you'll get addicted to it as soon as you do it once.

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    Heres a link to a little information on Nippo style showing.... However I wouldn't worry to much about it.. Its quite relaxed.
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    Today I went to the Beikoku Shiba Inu Aikokai specialty show, which is a NIPPO approved show with an invited NIPPO judge. I took some videos of the Primary (Preliminary) judging if people want to see it.

    Normally and historically in the Primary judging, there is only one Shiba in the ring and the judge goes over visual examinations (long hands-off viewing), a height check with a metal wicket, teeth counting, and then a triangle.

    This particular judge wanted something different. He had the sex/age division come in (ie. Young Male I) and had them lined up on one side of the ring. He approached the line and did his visual examinations. Sometimes going in and out of the dog's space in order to get the dog's attention and reaction (comatosed? alert? timid?).

    After he was done with each dog, he moved on to the height and teeth count. As normal, there were some dogs that balked at the shiny wicket. Also normal were some dogs that needed to be lifted up to allow enough control for the teeth count.

    After everybody had their height and teeth count, each dog did their triangle movement. When done, the dogs all left the ring as a group.

    All the male age groups went first and then the female age groups. After break, Final judging and placements were given in each division. Then best male, best female, and best in show were selected. Best American-bred was awarded afterwards.

    There were several divisions where placement was withheld. One class of 4 dogs only had a 1st place and 2nd place. A 3rd place was not given. Another class of 3 dogs had no first place and only a 2nd and 3rd place. Yet another class of 3 dogs had only 1st place award and no 2nd or 3rd place. A class of only dog was given 2nd place.

    So basically, don't expect a "freebie award".

    A couple of things I noticed:

    -Things are *alot* less stringent now than in the past. Dogs were being touched in the ring. Cheeks and back hairs fluffed. Tails lifted up. Rears lifted to re-position faster. Sometimes the dog sat in the ring while waiting for their turn to be examined. It looked like an AKC show sometimes.

    -It is much, much easier to do the teeth count by taking the initiative and showing the front (bite) and side teeth with the mouth closed first. Save the opening of the mouth for last if the judge allows it.

    My own feelings:

    -I think some people mis-step when they ask the dog to look at them instead of looking
    at the judge. If a judge is obviously trying to get the dog's attention by moving into the dog's space or making a noise with his clipboard, let the dog look. Point or direct the dog towards the judge. I cringed when I saw dogs that acted dull and didn't even give a glance during Final Judging.

  • Re: Kai tongue spots from the judge for this show, via Maggie Strouse (the show coordinator)

    "Here is what I got from this year's judge (via our translator)

    Spots on the tongue;

    Kai - spots are acceptable, regardless how many/big of them. Also body height lower limit can be - 44cm (girl), 46cm (boy).

    For Kai Nippo has to accept spots just because many dogs have them. This would be still temporary, though, until spots are bred out

    So it looks like the spots are still tolerated in 2016."

    I think it will be a while before spots are bred out of Kai...
  • I seem to be struggling, ha ha. How much is it to spectate? I can't seem to find a price if there is one.
  • I think it's like $10 to park at the fairgrounds. That's about it for spectators!
  • This event is almost here.

    I'd like to go and spectate and meet people. Not sure If I'll be able to go this year, but we'll see. If I go it'll probably only be for Saturday, but who knows might be able to get to it for Friday and Saturday.

    I'd love to meet some Nihon ken only have met one shikoku and ton of shiba inu so would love to meet the others. :)

    Can Saya come coarse not to be shown. Just wondering. if not that is fine might bring her if staying at hotel she can hang there during the event.
  • I'd love to meet you and Saya! She can come to NIPPO Classic to visit- a few came to visit last time I went. I will be there all day Saturday. I think Kai are up first at 9 am, followed by Shikoku, Akita and then all the shiba. There's only 1 Kai, 2 shikoku, 5 Akita, but a lot of shiba!
  • I forgot to post here, we decided to go and are taking four dogs - Bijo, Gamera, Mosura, and baby Hinata. Kyuubi will also be there, as well as another 3-month-old and 8-month-old JA puppies.
  • Cool I hope to make it. Hope weather is nice for the event. :)
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    I don't yet have a nihon ken to show, but I will most likely be going to watch the dogs and meet breeders/owners/handlers.

    EDIT: read this as June 20-21, not May. Unfortunately I'll be at another show for my MAS.
  • Well if you're available in June you can go to UKC Premier instead (16-19), also in MI. There will be some JA, Shiba, and maybe a Shikoku.
  • I cant go this weekend because its a holiday and i have to be at work, but I'm gonna see about getting June off, and go to the UKC Premier, entries closed, so Mayumi cant enter, but I'll bring her if I go. @lextergrace @poetikdragon @grayjj
  • @Allison You can still enter in some of the events put on by other clubs besides UKC, such as Barn Hunt (all days), Lure Coursing (Thursday and Friday) and SPOT (not sure what days). Possibly other things too like Drag Racing if your dog is small enough... not sure.
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    Well I had fun at the Nippo classic! :D Saya enjoyed dog watching and did well long as dogs did not get close. She met kai ken pups which she loved. She loves puppies.

    I've met kai ken and Japanese akita for first time and finally got to meet a few forum members was fun.
  • @Saya it was great meeting you! :)
  • We had so much fun getting to spend time with our NK friends and enjoy all the dogs!
  • So sad we couldn't make it :( hopefully next time!! looking forward to everyone's pictures though ;)
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