Etiquette: Showing a dog out of coat
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    I'm not concerned about winning, I just want to make sure that it wouldn't be considered rude or dis-respectful to the event. Ajax is signed up for the local NIPPO show on Sunday and he's in full blow. He and some of the other dogs were shedding in the spring too, but not like this. Of course he'll get a good brushing before hand. I just want to make sure it would be okay to still participate for the handling experience at least.
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  • The Japanese judges at our annual AKIHO show have occasionally remarked on showing dogs out of coat disparagingly. They are used to shows almost every Sunday somewhere in Japan, and thus, only show dogs when in top condition for it. However, as we have only one show a year, we have no choice about it - we show in whatever condition the dogs are in.

    I don't know where you are that you have a "local" NIPPO show, but if you are in Japan and shows are relatively easy to come by, then it may be something to consider.
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    We live in Aomori, the Northern most prefecture on Honshu. Things are more spread out here than in the South so there aren't many choices. Unfortunately due to work, this is the only show that I'm sure that we can attend. We might be able to go to the one in Akita, but I'm certain that his coat will actually look worse by then.
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    You can show your dog in any condition, with only your pride at risk. Which is why we generally won't show a dog if it's in poor condition haha. Masa just blew his entire coat, but I started working him out to build for the grand national, and drenched him with buckets of water at the show. He still took third place in the Soken class. Would have taken second if he was in better condition I reckon.

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