So awesome!!! Lure Coursing.

Oh my gosh you guys!

I just got back from the most awesome thing ever....we officially went lure coursing.

The Tri State Jack Russell Terrier Club had an all breed Funday today, and there was racing, go-to-ground, weiny bobbing and, lure coursing. I hate that my internet connection at home is so slow, because I have to wait to upload the neato video I got of Beebe the Shiba Inu ripping up the track until later. It was cool.

I didn't realize my vid cut out right after she launched off. Hope this posts ok.

Yeah, I finally figured out You Tube!


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    They are both coming up as private :(
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    Here's a vid of one of the JRTs doing a run, another dog broke loose onto the field. It shows some of the equipment used.

    We also tried the agility set up, and the dogs were too distracted for the weiny bob. They had a little go-to-ground course for Earth Dog stuff, and were using a rat to turn the dogs onto it. Those terriers were intense once they smelled the rat.
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    the vids are coming up as private
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    Ah crap, I have to reload them.

    Ok fixed, sorry the quality is crap. It was more just visual proof for me that I was actually there :)
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    Awesome! That looks like so much fun! I wish there was a lure coursing group round here.
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    that is AWESOME!!!!!!
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    That is so cool, glad you guys had a great time.
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