Shikoku on Craigslist



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    I think the closest I've seen is a mostly black sibe, with a spot or two of white on the face/chest. Stunning when they have blue eyes
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    I agree! :)
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    I also like the black and tan coat the also come in, looks like giant black and tan shibas
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    Definitely not a shikoku. She is either lying or her uncle is lying. Has anyone told her just how rare these dogs are? If that's a bona fide shikoku, then she should be able to prove it with pedigree and other documents because it's not like shikokus just get moved from Japan to N. America without any hassle.

    Probably a shiba mix. From the sounds/looks of it, I bet this dog can be rehabilitated to accept other dogs and kids. If she lives with two dogs and kids already, my guess is that they just need proper training. I took in a dog once who was being given up because she "just didn't get along with the other dog" and had absolutely no problems with her pertaining to other dogs. I bet with the help of some well-adjusted dogs, she could come around, at least for living with other dogs. Dogs are in surplus and it doesn't help a homeless dog's chances to not be good around other dogs or kids, so I would think that training would be in this dog's best interest. *sigh* If only I have the facilities and time...
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    Super off topic: You know what really reminds me of a giant, furry B&T Shiba? The Finnish Lapphund. I saw a really awesome one at the dog show.


    Edit: Okay, so not that giant...
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    LOL, Kyla, you just have to take the right type of pictures.. like the pictures from the thread "Shikoku size"..
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