Nihonken Invitational - November 2nd 2014 Claremont California Trophy Sponsors Sheet Posted 8/18/14



  • Here is the break down by breed:

    Akita - 2
    Japanese Akita - 11
    Jindo - 5
    Kai -1
    Shiba - 5
    Shikoku -5
    All are entered for two shows - total entries 29

    I have a call in to Claremont to check on field conditions. If it rains we may be up on the upper field. I'll let everyone know asap.
  • I see rain forecast for Friday evening, Saturday morning. Sunday looks clear so far!

    @mdokic... Well if nobody else is interested, we can do bruxie again lol! ;)
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    i probably won't be able to do anything saturday night it looks like :( mom is coming down to help me a bit. but trying to still make it up Sunday :)
  • Don't forget the time change on Sunday.
  • Needs more Kishu. Maybe next time. :(
  • Needs more kai too!
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    Last but not least - the 50/50 raffle.

    Here is how it works, you buy a ticket(s). If your ticket is selected you win 50% of the pot. With the other 50% you'll select one of the rescues listed on the sheet. JACA will take the other 50% and donate it to the rescue. To enter just flag down the people walking around with the 50/50 tickets. The drawing will happen at lunch time.

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