Nihonken Invitational - November 2nd 2014 Claremont California Trophy Sponsors Sheet Posted 8/18/14



  • But yeah, shoes appropriate for running on grass is a good idea. I sprained an ankle once when my foot rolled. Not fun when it was the driving leg and a 2 hr drive back home.
  • That's common for most handlers, but Pamela will have to wear a bridesmaids dress ;) hee hee!
  • I have a really awesome formal gown that I wore to a masquerade ball last Halloween... I can totally ship that over for @Losech! :-D
  • Whether or not I go depends on the amount of funding and time off I can get November, would love to go though especially since I've never been to the West Coast. I better start saving up now.
  • Yes Yes save!!! It would be AMAZING to meet you all!!
  • I'd like to see everyone in kimono thx.
  • I have actually shown in jeans, t-shirt and bare feet before. It was pouring rain and the ring had 2 inches of standing water. We were all in our bare feet. Tora won a best puppy in show that day.
  • I'd like to see everyone in kimono thx.
    The JA folk were planning on attending the show in the official outfit of the Akitainu Handler.... the jumpsuit.
  • For the dogs showing under the altered classes- what type of collars/leads are accepted? Which type is a dog less likely to back out of?
  • H. Collars. Harnesses, pinch collars and hanging collar tags are prohibited in show rings.

    That said, you'll meed a lot of resistance at your typical UKC show with anything that has a buckle, too, even though its technically allowed. I've had multiple people tell me I can't use the traditional JA show collar because I have no control over the dog, that its inappropriate to use the dog's "everyday street collar", etc. (Oh trust me, that person got an earful for the last one... F* you that collar was expensive!) When I don't feel like arguing I just use a show chain. Otherwise I use both the show chain and the show collar together the way they're intended.

    Any kind of slip is preferred, whether its rope, chain, martingale, etc. It will also help control the dog and prevent backing out of the collar.
  • Anyone not wanting to purchase one for the show, I have several extra, and various types you can borrow.
  • aykayk
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    The old fashion U.S. show theory is that you don't want gear that distracts from the dog. Hence the thin collars and leads on dogs that are show-trained.

    Nowadays though, more and more people are putting bling on the leads, saying it compliments the dog like a person's choice in clothes should compliment the dog.

    But a loose dog is far more distracting than any gear. And there are other conformation aspects besides length of neck that judges will look for.
  • Ha @TheWalrus. I'd kick out a hakama and kimono but I'm not sure what the judge would think other than "baka gaijin"...

  • What about furry costumes? You and your dog, together, with urajiro.
  • What about furry costumes? You and your dog, together, with urajiro.
    Lol, this!

    And then we can demonstrate their hunting skills too!

  • So breed reps and clubs. I want to offer this up to people on nihonken, breed clubs nihonken members have a relationship with, and clubs JACA has a relationship with. If I cant fill them then I'll go outside of that. If your group is interested just pm me. I saw HANA mentioned on here and NASC. If so I would need a logo at some point so I can included this in the show catalog. Between the registration table and the raffle table, I would like to have baskets with materials for the breeds offered at the show.

    Japanese Akita - JACA
    Akita(American) - Hopefully HOTS will want to sponsor this.
    Kishu -
    Kai -
    Hokkaido -
    Jindo - @AYK (Psst I think its time you start a jindo club)
    Shiba -

    Hotel - I signed the contract for the hotel claremont. I'm waiting on my bank of rooms and to find out how many RV spots I got.
  • We need a Shiba club outside of NSCA...
  • For Shibas, let me check in with BSA and/or Shiba Club of Southern California if they're interested.

    I'll PM you about NASC.

  • I will check with NAKA this weekend for Kai.
  • Lindsay I agree with you on NSCA.
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    My understanding is BSA isn't into that. I'd love for them to be interested just for the chance of seeing all the Nihonken together.
  • Regarding representing the breed vs awards sponsorship.

    The cost of representing the breed is just the cost of having materials at the event (flyer or having a banner up).

    Vs. sponsoring a trophy which I will post ASAP.

    Sorry about the confusion.
  • This event sounds like it will be a lot of fun. And California isn't too far away, and I've never been there before, so... lol. I know absolutely nothing about showing, though. But! I do have a kimono, so if that were actually practical.... ;)
  • NAKA would be interested in possibly sponsoring a trophy.
  • Update: Right now I'm just waiting on the listing to appear on the UKC Events website. Once it is up I'll get back to work on awards.
  • I requested the time off :)
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    The event is up on the UKC site!

    The following will be offered at all events: JS (GRP5) HOK JAK JIN KAI KISU SHIBA SHIK NLC: Novice Puppy
    Nov 2; S1 Barbara Marin Entries 8-9 am Show 9:30 am
    Nov 2; S2 Lynn Martin Entries 8-9 am Show 1 pm
    DOS $25; JS & NLC $20; PE $20; Weekend PE Special $30 same dog both shows received by October 25, 2014
    Hotel Claremont, 840 S Indian Hill Blvd, 91711 (909) 621-4831 From 10 Fwy take Indian Hill Blvd exit and head south at first light turn left into Hotel Parking lot.
    Chairperson: Sean Nollan (310) 594-3606
    Event Secretary: LeAnna Fox, 2319 West 241st St, Lomita CA 90717 (310) 217-9563

    EDIT: There are some typos in the above listing. The show is including (American) Akita, and Sean's email address and my mom's phone are wrong. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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