7 Samoyed Dogs Need Home - Owner in Hospice
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I received this email from a friend...

    There are 7 pure-bred female Samoyeds who need a "forever home" because their owner/breeder, Cathy Pendleton, is losing her battle with breast cancer. She can no longer care for her dogs and has been moved to Hospice after being in the hospital for a week.

    I'm giving this a wider distribution than usual, so some of you may receive it more than once. Even though you may not be on a "rescue" group email, I'm including you in the hopes that you can forward on to the widest distribution so that these girls all have a chance to find the perfect new home. The dogs are in the Atlanta, GA, area, but they will allow them to be adopted out of state.
    All the owner/breeder wants is for all of these girls to get good homes.

    Currently, they are not wanting to place any of the dogs in foster care because they are trying to move the dogs only once. My understanding is that the older animals have been spayed. Because she is a breeder, the younger dogs are not spayed; however the new family would need to have the dog spayed if she is less than seven years. (The dogs range in age from 1.5 years to more senior dogs.)
    One look at their picture (below) shows how extraordinarily beautiful these dogs are. (I count 8 in the picture, but perhaps one has been placed already.) All are healthy and well cared for, up to date on shots, heartworm, flea treatment, etc. The new "forever" home will need to have a fenced yard with sufficient space for an active dog. The folks who are placing the Samoyeds for the owner may do a home visit either before, after, or both to ensure that the dog and their new family are a good fit.

    If you think you might be interested after reading Velvet's email (below), her contact info is v.a.simmons@att.net.

    Thanks for giving this the widest distribution possible. Following is the email from the lady who is managing the adoption of these 7 lovely ladies.


    Hello, everyone,
    It is with great sadness to pass along that my dog breeder, Cathy Pendleton, whom I love and treasure, is losing her battle with breast cancer. She can no longer care for her dogs. She is in hospice after being in the hospital for a week.

    We are in the process of placing her Samoyeds. If you know of anyone who would like a sweet natured, playful pet, please let me know. She has all girls who range from 1.5 years old to more senior dogs. All are healthy and have been very well taken care of. New homes need to have space for an active dog and a fenced in back yard. We may do a home visit to ensure that these precious dogs and their new family are the right fit. There is no cost, but the new family will need to spay the dog if it is less than 7 years old.

    They can move out of state. The new family needs to be willing to stay in touch with the "Sammy family." We will want to know how they are doing and if it is working out, etc.

    Let me know if you have any leads. Thanks for your help!

  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    A tragic story. Very lovely dogs, I hope that they find good homes, and that their owner is comfortable in her final days in hospice care.
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  • Darwin67Darwin67
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    I sent her an email...I don't know if I'd be a match because of distance, but we would be more than happy to take in a Sammy....my first dog was a Samoyed...they really are a great, wonderful, good natured dog.

    My heart goes out to Cathy, her friends, family...and her four legged kids. :(
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  • LisaWLisaW
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    would take one instantly...but dont have the fenced backyard... if this wouldnt be a requirement.. i know every dog should have one, but i try to provide my little Sophie at least 2 hours a day full action outside instead...

    you have an idea why they want these dogs to be spayed? I think a breeder would love to take them.. they are wonderful!!!

    my thoughts are with Cathy and her family!
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  • SangmortSangmort
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    Absolutely love Samoyeds, amazing dogs. Hopefully they all find homes
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  • okironokiron
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    Aww gorgeous. My condolences to Cathy, hopefully she can pass peacefully. If only we had a yard :(
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    They are absolutely gorgeous... If only I had a bigger yard.

    Best wishes to all the dogs and to Cathy.
    Bella 2Mountains 2Nola 2
    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
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  • andreamg4andreamg4
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    My boss just showed me some pics last week of her friends that have these dogs. Both breeders and family homes alike. I have forwarded this to her to possibly check with those same friends.

    My heart goes out to them and the family-
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  • asiaasia
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    My mom used to be a Hospice nurse. I feel for her and the dogs. I would love to help, but my living situation does not seem ideal :(. Best wishes to all.
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  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    This was on the Samoyed Rescue List:

    "Thank you for posting this but please know this email no longer needs to be circulated - all of the Samoyeds have found homes.

    Sadly, though, Cathy lost her fight with breast cancer on February 21st, 2009.

    Her kennel name was SnowSong, and she was a respected member of the Samoyed community. Rest assured that Cathy did know that all of her lovely girls were safe in their new homes before she passed away."
    shibas, beagles & more!
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I'm glad they all found homes - thanx for the update Jen.

    RIP Cathy.

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