A total long shot... beautiful Lily needs a home
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    Lovely Lily needs a dogless home:


    This is Marta. I'm the founder and director of Strays from the Heights. I rescued Lily from a city shelter here in NYC, a high-kill shelter.
    Once with us, Lily was adopted three times. The first time, the adopter got a new job that required lots of travelling and he returned
    Lily. The second time, Lily was adopted by a father with custody of his children. They adored Lily who was great with his young children. His ex-wife found out Lily is part pitbull and threatened with taking him to court. The father returned Lily. The third time, by a young couple in Long Island. Lily was their first dog and since she's low maintenance we thought it would work with them. They had the right environment for Lily: no other dogs, a fenced yard, and live in a neighborhood with few dogs. Lily had lived with cats and got along just fine with them. This couple have two cats and they claimed Lily tried to attack them which was hard for me to believe. I think what may have happened is that neighbors complained about Lily's mix breed and they got scared and returned the dog. Poor Lily hasn't had much luck. She's great at home and has good manners. The only issue is that she's not good with other dogs so she must be walked with a muzzle if taken outside the home. Otherwise, exercising her in the yard should be enough. But she shouldn't be left alone in a yard (especially if they have a chain link fence) because Lily is very agile and climbs fences in no time. Lily needs a foster home ASAP. Of course a forever home is very much desired but a potential adopter could foster her first to see if she's the right dog for them. I feel terrible having to move Lily around. She's such a sweet dog and looks so sad. We have to make sure her next foster home has the right environment for Lily: a house in the suburbs or the countryside with a fence in yard, no other pets, and a dog savvy guardian. She's not a barker and has no separation anxiety. She's housetrained and crate trained.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    THANKS, Marta
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